Thursday, June 30, 2005

More dorkiness? Hard to believe, ain't it?!

But this is a quick one that happened last night ... and hopefully will be the end of the dorkiness for awhile (though unfortunately I can make no promises).

So I'm out at a concert last night* with Tracy (Hi Tracy!) and we're discussing bands and I'm trying to tell her a tidbit I just heard with regard to one female lead singer. And I'm trying to articulate the lead singer's name but keep saying "it's Steph something". And I'm trying out different things and keep settling on "Steph Gwefani". But it just doesn't sound right so I'm all "Gwofani, Gawfani, .... errr .... it's Steph Gwefani" and Tracy is just looking at me all perplexed. Yeah.

That would be "Gwen Stefani", folks. Sad really. But what can you do?!

*The Afters, Anna Nalick and Vertical Horizon. (can you say "HottieHotHots"??). Of course, in Kat-speak it would be "Aft Theers, Nal Annaick and Hotical Verizon". But whatever.

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T1 said...

that's not so much a dorkiness thing as a kat-brain-memory thing. just sayin.