Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who let the crazies out?

Some recent "weird" news ........

In May, at the annual spring auction at Christie's in New York City, Massachusetts artist Tom Friedman managed to sell a piece consisting of an ink squiggle on a 12-by-18-inch piece of white paper (described in the Christie's catalog as "starting an old dry pen on a piece of paper"). It was sold for $26,400, according to a Washington Post report.
[Now who is crazier in this piece? The artist for submitting an ink squiggle? Christie's for agreeing to auction it? Or the person who purchased it?? (it's a toss up ...but I may have to go with the buyer ... ya know, the person who PAID money for it!]]
Friedman was less successful in offering a 2-foot white cube that contained, on one surface, a tiny speck of his own feces [uhhh, GROSSSSSSSSS!], for which he expected an opening bid of $45,000, but got no takers.
[Thank God! Only Tom takes the Crazy Cake there! And yeah ... that's one big Crazy Cake!]
[Washington Post, 5-19-05]

Computer repairman Dennis Avner of Guatay, Calif., is perhaps the world's most extreme variation of a "furrie" (a person who adopts the persona of an animal). Avner has tiger-stripe tattoos covering most of his body, dental implants sharpened to points to resemble tiger teeth, and metal-stud implants around his mouth to hold his long, plastic whiskers. He has had ear and lip surgery to make his head more cat-like and wears special contact lenses to make his eyes appear as ovals. He told the San Diego Union Tribune in May that Guatay folks are mostly tolerant of him but that he nonetheless has decided to relocate to Washington state. [San Diego Union Tribune, 5-4-05]
[yeah, ya'll didn't need me to point out the craziness here, did ya?! But I know you want to see a picture though, don't ya?! Yeah ... I thought so. And I'd POST one for you but my picture uploader has gone on strike (I think it's been talking to my scanner) so I've included a link to the full article instead. Take a gander. And if you didn't think all the surgeries were crazy enough, his quote regarding his interaction with other tigers should do it for ya.(see below)]

"It's difficult for me to work with them like other people because they recognize me as one of their own" [Uh-huh. Yes, Dennis ... because tigers I'm sure are easily fooled by a little permanent ink, fake fangs and stick-on whiskers. Really. (can we have a straight-jacket over here please?!!!! Quickly!?!)]

And to think I thought Craigslist had cornered the market* on the crazies. SHEESH! My bad!

*Thanks, Rick, for helping me with that phrase. See? I told ya you'd make my blog at some point! ...hehehe

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r said...

Oh, I should have known it would an acknowledgement of some figment of my "years of experience" (old age) in knowing an obscure phrase.

Ms C thinks I'm hot even though she thinks I think she looks like a vienna sausage (not true!). Oh well, maybe if I had good dance moves and quit borrowing money.