Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You know you look old and square when...'re walking down the sidewalk in front of the Crystal Ballroom* on the night Social Distortion is set to play and as you're approaching you see a scalper flashing available tickets at everyone walking by ....until he sees you. Yep, he took one look and just kinda nodded in deference instead. What the F**?? I mean, I know I don't have any tattoos nor piercings in my face ... but come onnnnn already ... I can still like good music can't I?? Bastard! Good thing I already had tickets! ;) (more on that show later)

* a local Portland concert venue
** that stands for "fudge", mom! Really. "Fudge".


"Older" Sis said...

NO, NO, NO. You cannot think like that. No, you look like an undercover cop. Yeah, that's it. That's why he did not flash the tickets. Or, he was psychic and could tell that you already had tickets. Yeah, that's it. You are not old and you are not square 'cos that would make me older and squarer (kids, husband, a few gray hairs), and *I* am NOT old or square. Ok, ok, dear (yeah, right!) husband did mention recently that he thinks (and he would be wrong) that I am going through a mid-life crisis, but I am not. I'M NOT. And I am not OLD so you can't be either. So TAKE IT BACK.

Kat said...

Okay, okay, okay. Let's agree that said scalper saw me and was stopped cold in his tracks by my beauty. Yeah, yeah ... that's why he didn't offer me up the tickets. I was just so dang gorgeous that he completely forgot what he was supposed to be doing. I like it. Let's go with that story, shall we?? That way neither of us has to be old and square and I get to be gorgeous!!! :)