Monday, June 20, 2005

Where's the Logic?

Okay, so a mother is outraged about her 11 year old daughter's yearbook picture and wants a recall of all 200 6th grade yearbooks. Her quote is "the embarrassing image will haunt Asheasa for the rest of her life. " I'm thinking ... first off ... 6th grade has a yearbook?? But then I'm thinking .... okay, so you're apparently embarrassed by your daughter's picture in this yearbook ... that a whopping 200 people have .... and will soon forget about ..... and so the logical thing to do is to A) go on national television with said yearbook picture and display it to millions of people and B) perpetuate the situation by making a huge issue of it. Yeah, that will make life better for your daughter. Good thinkin'.

p.s. Asheasa: this picture is not embarrassing. You look cute. Really.

p.p.s. EMBARRASSING childhood photos would be (apologies to my sisters):

(I'm the one in the middle)

The REALLY embarrassing thing about this photo is that I do believe we dressed ourselves ... and even MORE embarrassing (if that's possible) ... thought we looked good. Yeah. Great plaid pants, Joyce!

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Sis said...

HEEEEYYYYY! Wasn't that the fashion back then? And I am still claiming that this is all MOM'S fault. After all, she did buy us these clothes, didn't she? Plus stripes and plaids match. Don't they?