Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More CL Winners!

It's scary how few posts I need to look at to find so many losers. Sigh. Depressing, in fact. Okay, here's a couple from today.......

Are you a Big Boobie girl thats looking for a Boyfriend - 31 [classy!]

Jealous and rejected- Pathetic, sad and lonely. [and without any friends good enough to stop you from posting a title like that if'n you're seriously looking to find a woman]

Married Seeking Same - 53 [nice]

On the rebound... - 26 [sigh. Perchance are YOU Mr. Jealous and Rejected's friend??]

Coastal Herpes - 44 [next!]

Mothra-sized misanthrope seeks anti-social butterfly [huh??]

Rich Genius Seeks Incredible Submissive Beauty With Low Self Esteem [you're looking for someone with low self-esteem??? But WHY?!! And what does that say about you ??? (ARGH)]

And my favorite ... in that it scares the bejeezus outta me if what he says at the end is true......

Male Chauvinist Pig Seeks Docile Feminist Sex Object for LTR - 29

Reply to:
Date: 2005-06-15, 1:23PM PDT

I'm your typical male chauvinist pig and I'm looking for a Docile Reformed-Femist to objectify on a regular (LTR) basis. ["Femist"??]

I really do want a feminist who has seen the error of her ways, and wants to serve and satisfy her man, because, after all, he is a man and that's the natural order. [oh really?]

You must wear short short skirts, no underwear and shoes with heels, to make your calves look hot, and you must also not wear a bra with tight low cut sweaters and blouses that reveal much ample cleavage.

You will cook for me [you like your PB&Js cut diagonally or straight up and down?], clean house, wash and iron [iron? Do people still do that??] clothes, do yard work, and run errands for me.

I will give you a hard time, not listen to much that you have to say and pretty much just have my way with you where ever and when ever I want.

You need to be cute, in shape, sexy, have a nice rack, small round ass, and NOT be over weight or grumpy. [SWEET! I've got a GREAT rack! Yep, hangs in the kitchen and all my pots and pans fit on it! You'll love it! But wait, small round ass and non-grumpy, eh?! Are those requirements negotiable??]

You'll do what your told, when your told, how your told, and you need to listen and be quiet. [uh, surely you mean "you're told" not "your told"? Right? (Damn! Does this disqualify me from your "listen and be quiet" requirement?)]

Take a number and get in line.

I got 25 replies last time I ran this ad. [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Surely that CAN'T be true! IT CAN'T!!!! No, No ... women are NOT desperate enough to reply favorably to this man. Please ladies ... whyyyyyy? Tell me it ain't so! I'd almost rather you reply to The Penus Man instead. At least with him you'd get to see his dance moves!!!]

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