Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Because I've been L-A-Z-Y .....

... and have not quite yet done the concert posts nor any posts with regard to weekend fun ... I thought I'd share a cute thing about Emma (hard to believe but she can be cute upon occasion (just stay clear of the claws)).

Anyway, she LOVES to "help" make the bed. And her definition of "help make the bed" would be to attack the sheets as you try to put the sheets on.

See? Notice the hugely dialated eyes. She takes this job of hers VERY seriously!! ...lol.


laurie said...

Bob also helps me make the bed, he hides under the fitted sheet, or inside the fresh clean duvet cover... making sure nothing is free of the cat hair we all love so much ;)

t1 said...

Penny likes to "un-make" the bed. I'll come home after work to find pillows on the floor and a "nest" in the middle of the bed. Or a lump in the middle...shaking and praying to God it's her mommy and not some burgaler (sp?). How do her and Emma fare when Penny visits Auntie K?

Kat said...


Emma is okay with Penny. I think she thinks it's like looking in a mirror. Granted, Penny is a dog and Emma is a cat but I never claimed Emma to be the sharpest tool in the shed, ya know?!

CJ, on the other hand, gets annoyed with other "pets" there (even Emma). She just doesn't get why it can't just be me and her ... ya know, the "humans".