Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Am I just old-fashioned??

I mean, I understand I've never been a parent and so maybe my take on this is completely off base. But I'm browsing today's headlines and find the following:

Parents Face Jail Time for Hiring Stripper
Mom Charged in Daughter's Rape

Now, in the first, the parents host a birthday party for their 16 year old son and friends (with the 14 yr old son present too) in which the stripper gets totally naked. They take pictures, turn them in to be developed at Walgreen's and hence get turned into authorities by folks at Walgreens. Now, their comment on whether or not they would do it again is
"I don't think so. If I did, we wouldn't take, pictures, no, definitely not"

And then in the second, the mom picks up 18 year old boys to have sex with her 13 year old daughter and 14 year old daughter's friend because she wanted her daughter (yes, the one that is only 13) to have sex. Even bought them alcohol. So ... at 13 .. sex (with STRANGERS) and alcohol.

Is that considered good parenting nowadays? Because if so ... it is
really for the best that I don't have children.

And if it IS good parenting
, might I then make the following suggestion to the first couple: "digital camera"?!

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ms c said...

there is nothing remotely humorous in the article about the mom letting (hiring?) those two young men have sex with her daughter and her daughter's friend. she is a nutcase. (btw, i wonder how the friend's parents are taking this.)

however, the other article, the stripper? dumb dumb dumb. i mean, the mom doesn't even know how to spell her own name ('anette'? please!). and secondly, she's on morning tv dressed...well, like a stripper!