Saturday, June 04, 2005

I love this!!!

Okay, okay. By request (thanks D), I will NOT be browsing the men's personal ads on Craigslist this morning and posting about my depressing So instead ... I browsed the news (hehe) and found this article about a man I think I could love! ;) (HEY! Shut it! Even a fire-hydrant looks more promising than most men I've found posting on Craigslist. So this guy looks genius!) I mean, it certainly takes a special kinda stupid, don't get me wrong ... but you've got to give it to him ... mission accomplished, right?! :)

Man Allegedly Sets Fire to House to Get Rid of Guests

GENEVA, Ill. — An Illinois man allegedly went to fiery extremes to get rid of unwanted house guests.

Dean Craig, 46, was charged with felony arson after, police said, he set fire to his own home to get rid of two visitors. Craig, Kane County Sheriff's department officials said, had asked two visitors to leave the house, which is owned by his mother. When they refused, Craig allegedly threatened to light the house on fire.

Craig apparently wasn't bluffing. Police said he splashed rubbing alcohol on the floor of his two-story home and used a lighter to ignite the blaze in the early morning hours on May 29. When authorities arrived the house was engulfed in flames but the two unwanted guests were not hurt.

Craig is expected to appear in court on June 9.

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