Thursday, November 29, 2007

Emma, it's a BAG.

That's right .... a BAG. "B". "A". "G" .... BAG. You're not a kitten, you HAVE seen these before. You've played in them, slept on them, chased them. Yes, that's right, a bag!

Oh, and that grey twitchy thing ... yeah, that's your TAIL. It's a body part. Of yours. Don't tell me I need to find those flash cards again ....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things that make you go "hmmm"

So I put an extra tampon into my front pocket of my jeans this morning (keeps me from having to take my purse to the ladies room thereby announcing to all what time of the month it is ... ahem!) in anticipation of needing it at some point during the day. Only, when I just went to the ladies room, it was no longer in my pocket. Which leads one to wonder, at what point (and maybe more specifically, WHERE) during this workday did it leap out??

I work for a small company, and I'm the only woman in the development department. So it's not as if I can blame a wayward tampon on a programming coworker, know what I'm saying?!

The problem is ... I can't FIND the darned thing! I've scoured under my desk and backtracked from the restroom to my office. Bupkus! I suppose it COULD be in the breakroom at which point I could play dumb and say it was someone else's (there are other women that work here ... just not in my area). But I'd still love to know where that f'er got to. And which person found it. Sigh. It is looking to be one of THOSE days! Instead of hunting for the tampon I do believe I need to switch this hunt to chocolate!!! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am thankful

As we head into Thanksgiving tomorrow, I just wanted to share a few things I am thankful for this year.

I am thankful for much continued health and wellness, for me, my family, my cats and my friends!

I am thankful for continued income which not only meets my basic needs, but also enables me to travel and even buy shoes! (yay for shoes!!!) :)

I am also thankful for ..... are y'all sitting down for this???? ...... my boyfriend! (I KNOW!!!!! ... .CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!). That's right, you heard, me .... I have finally tracked down and captured the ever elusive Good Guy and wrangled him into being my boyfriend. He's amazing .... not only does he meet my (errr, overly high, it's been said!) standards ... but he exceeds them! Y'all, that's unheard of!!!!! At this point, we're still both kinda reeling from it and still wondering what the hell is wrong with the other person. I mean, neither of us are perfect (of course), but it is all about finding someone perfect FOR you. And at this point, I can't imagine anyone more perfect. Which completely and utterly wigs me out .......and thus leads me to.........

I am VERY thankful for all my friends. Not only have y'all listened to and dealt with my Dating Crazy (and boy do you guys deserve a medal for that!!) .... but you have also kept me ever entertained this year with movies, meals, emails, shopping, concerts, and even trip adventures! It has been a fabulous year and I do appreciate each and every one of you!

Best wishes to all this Thanksgiving! Now let the feasting begin!!! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Have you ever had one of THOSE days ....

... where you've even forgotten to wear mascara? And didn't even know it til you just wandered into the ladies room for the first time at the office just now??

No?! Oh, uh ... yeah, me neither!


(On a positive note, I've been out sick the last two days so looking like mega-shit is acceptable. Though don't think I wouldn't give my right arm for a mascara-vendor to come walking through the office right about now!!! Cuz us blondes, yeah, we need the mascara! Oh yes we do! ARGH!)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

This is "My Hometown"

I know, I know ... it's been awhile since my last post. Life has been crazy (and that hasn't been all bad! ;)). Work has been crazy too which has really sapped my blogging time. But here, finally, are some pictures from the LA trip!

First stop .... Citiwalk! T2 and I headed there for some late night grub after our arrival into LAX.

The next morning we headed out to the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip to catch the Gospel Brunch with a few girlfriends of mine.

There was some good eats there but this gospel band in particular won't be one of my favorites.

Next off, I drag T2 off to Mann's (Grumman's) Chinese Theater to show her the ultimate in touristy!

There we found many, many foot prints. Such as:

Mr Tom Hanks:

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward:

Roy Rogers and Trigger!

Shirley Temple:

Sly Stallone:

And last but certainly not least, the nicely big-footed (ahem) ... Johnny Depp!

Speaking of Johnny Depp, check out this actor available for picture taking right outside the theater. He wasn't bad. The Orlando character not so much .... but Capt Jack ... pretty good (though apparently not in this picture ... I know not why!).

We also saw the Kodak Theater ... home of the Oscars.

The Roosevelt Hotel:

And the Walk of Fame:

T2 also bought a map to the stars home (hehe ... that cracks me up) and so we became bonafide stalkers.

Bruce Springsteen's mailbox (the house appeared to be undergoing renovations):

This SAID it was George Clooney's place but we didn't agree (it just didn't feel right!). The view coming down from that place was pretty dang spectacular though...

And then in honor of my friend A who is Tom Hanks first cousin ... we stalked Tom Hanks (sorry Tom!).

The street was beautiful and normal ... the house hidden by gates ... but we believed this to be Tom's place when we spotted a security guard parked in a truck watching the house from two houses down. Of course, he spotted us as well and apparently two pictures was the limit because he pulled out and so we skedaddled (hello, 1-800-IMA-WUSS!!) :)

While trolling the Beverly Hills neighborhoods....

... we ran across an open house! So, we went in! HEH! Man, that real estate agent gave us the Stink Eye! But who cares, we got to tour a 6.5 million dollar home! Whoo hooo! Here's some pics. Oh, and for the record, those closets, yeah, his and hers. At first we just thought there was the one off the master and were oohing and aahing over that ... but no, his and her bathrooms and closets! Where do I sign up for THAT??

The master bedroom with veranda (LOVED me that veranda):

"His" closet and bathroom!

"Her" closet and bathroom!

And finally, the backyard!

We also hit Rodeo Drive! That's where we met our shoes. Sigh.

Here's Versace .......and also some chick with her horse/dog just out for a day of shopping!

And LOOK! We recognized this hotel at Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd as the one used in the movie Pretty Woman!

We also tracked down the much acclaimed cupcake store called Sprinkles! Apparently we weren't the only ones looking for it! Check out this line! (OF COURSE we waited in the line .... hello, CUPCAKES!)

But the cupcakes were indeed yummy and I had to take a picture of the "Shot of Frosting" listing on the menu. Can you say "diabetic coma"!!!!

So after a day of hanging out in the nicest of areas, we're driving back to my mom's place in the rental car when suddenly I notice an engine light on and the car acting very sluggish. I look at where we are on the freeway and just inwardly scream "NOOOOOOOOOOO". Yeah, not a good area ... and we've got to exit the freeway.

T2, ever on the ball, takes note of the nearest gas station as we exit the elevated freeway and we limp over to it ... car doors locked! We let the car cool a bit and then MacGyver (errr, T2) pops the hood and puts more water in. I notice that it is just leaking right on out and so she futzes around a bit and sees that a hose has lost its connection. She puts it back on but we add more water and know it isn't going to hold because it is still leaking.

So we call Enterprise and complain that their brand new 2008 Ford Focus (with a whopping 397 miles total on it!!!!) is shot! They say they are sending help so we hunker down in the car and try to be invisible! Good thing I remembered that we had CUPCAKES! And before we could even polish off one each .... our rescuers arrived! They took a look at the hose situation and discovered that Ford had used a plastic band to connect the hose. You know, plastic ... the thing that expands and breaks easily when heated ... which is had. SHEEESH! Lame! Anyway, so they whipped out some handy-dandy zip ties to better complete the connection and we were off!!! As our tip to them, they are now Sprinkle cupcake eaters as well!! :)

The next day we headed out to the LA Sports Arena to stand in line for Bruce!!!!! Only to find out that numbered wristbands will be handed out between 2 and 5pm and so we had some time to tour around a bit more. T2 found a place called "South Park" nearby so we headed over there for some picture taking. Here's the park .... and a nicely graffitied tree! (yeah, doors locked in this area too!)

We then did a little shopping on the streets of downtown Los Angeles then met my friend L for some lunch at one of the restaurants outside her office building.

Then back to Bruce!! T2 did NOT know what she was in for with regard to Bruce-mania man. There was almost a thousand people there just with wristbands waiting to see which number would be called so we knew which lucky 500 people got to be in "the pit" (right in front of the stage). Apparently we used up all our luck not getting killed the night before when our car broke down so we weren't two of those 500 unfortunately! But we did well anyway and packed ourselves in probably three rows behind the pit folks. Here's a couple pics!

And true to form, my video taking while rocking out like a maniac doesn't make for the best video! But it's a crackup anyway. Here's a very short clip of Bruce performing "Born To Run". (warning: you may want to take Dramamine before watching this!!)

That's it! All in all a fabulous trip! Thanks to T2 for your mad MacGyver skills during the breakdown, for the general fun, and, most importantly, for your new concert purse with hidden compartment so we were able to sneak your camera into Bruce!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

If anyone is at a loss as to what to get me this year....

T2 and I ran across these shoes in the Louis Vuitton store while we strolled along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Aren't they the cutest??

We both pounced on them and began petting them immediately. Ummm, that is, until we turned them over and saw the price!! 1120 bucks!!!! Holy Jumpin' Jehoshaphat! Yeah, we gently replaced them and backed away as quickly as possible.

Do love them though. Nay, lust after them! So if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, I'm a shoe size 8 1/2! Just sayin' is all! They're only $1120 .... I'm worth it, I SWEAR!!!!! ;)