Wednesday, June 15, 2005

CJ - The Cat - and Comfort Foods on the Fly

So I was a little bummed yesterday. The vet called and lab reports show that my kitty CJ's liver didn't respond as hoped to our onslaught of new meds. So the vet prescribed a different one ... a "human" one in fact. And so I headed off after work to pick up the new med at a drug store.

I get to the drug store and give my last name to pick up the prescription. Luckily I didn't give my first name ... or they'da never found it. Because it was called in under "CJ - THE CAT - (And My Last Name)". Yep, even says so on the prescription tag (which I would happily scan for you if my scanner was in the mood to work today. But being that the planets are apparently not perfectly lined up to the scanner's satisfaction today ... my scanner has decided to take the day off. Whatever.)

So The Kid (The Pharmacist's assistant) is ringing me up at the pharmacy and asks "who is the prescription for?" (which I think at the time to be a very logical question because I had yet to realize that it clearly says "CJ - THE CAT" on the tag ... which he has in his hands!) and I mumble (with flashbacks to Safeway deli clerks flashing through my head) "oh, for my cat". He doesn't bat an eye at that so I pay and he says "is this the first time it's been used" to which I reply "yes" and so he says he needs to have The Pharmacist talk to me about the pills. Uhhh ...okay. But it's for my cat. Whatever. So The Pharmacist comes over and inquires "is this the first time you've been using it?" and I dutifully say "yes" and he says "and who is it for?" and I reply "for my cat" to which he gets all befuddled and doesn't know what to say. HA! So he hems and haws a bit trying to determine (I'm surmising) what side effects and dosages and such he can share with me when I let him off the hook with a "just go with what my vet said?" to which he gratefully agrees. You'd think these folks had never handed out prescriptions for pets before! (hehehe ... I know, I know ... he probably hasn't! Sigh. My poor kitty.)

So, $50 later (apparently my medical insurance doesn't cover my kitty's prescription ... damn them!), feeling melancholy over the seriousness of my kitty's illness and in need of some comfort, I do what any normal person would do under similar circumstances ..... I wandered the aisles of said pharmacy looking to purchase some happiness!! Which in this case turned out to involve Easy Mac macaroni and cheese (HEY ... this wasn't a grocery store food choices were VERY limited!), Chip Ahoy cookies (mmmmm) and a cheesy gossip magazine (oh yeah!)

And so, dear readers, for putting up with this post I will save you the $3.50 and summarize this week's People magazine for you. Ready??

  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are still GA GA for each other (gag!)
  • It is still not known if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are romantic.
  • Jennifer Lopez took hubby Mark Anthony on a $5000 shopping spree to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.
  • Bennifer2 are still an item.
  • Britney doesn't wear clothing to hide the pregnant belly (surprised??).
  • Charlie Sheen's and Denise Richard's new baby girl is beautimus!! (though who will get custody is yet to be seen)
Ta da.

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ms c said...

i am sorry to hear that cj is still having liver problems. if she stays on that med, want me to see if i can get it in mexico? beings as i've been doing all these [legal] drug runs lately, it would be no problem.

so what do you really think about brad and angelina?