Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seriously, the dorkiness is getting embarrassing!

So who knew that Aldo Shoes was an actual shoe brand and not just a shoe store with many different types of shoes??? Not I. Or else I would NOT have walked into the store called Aldo Shoes last night and asked if they carried any of the Merrell brand shoes. Yep. Pretty sure I wouldn't have. Ya know, cuz that's like walking into a Mercedes dealership and asking if they have any of the new Mustangs in that pretty blue color. Or walking into a Kentucky Fried Chicken and asking if they have the Big Mac with cheese. Sigh. Help me people. Really. I'm not sure how many more "are ya KIDDIN' ME?!!" looks I can take from retail people! I mean, I always knew it took a village to raise me .... but now I'm looking around and beginning to realize that no-one else in my village is The Idiot. So ... hmmmm


T1 said...

Oh honey! Girl, you know I am a shoe ho...why didn't you just ask? I coulda told you.

Notice, it was NOT on my list of places for you to check out to find those Merrells.

Help me, help you.

Kat said...

Sigh. I know, T. (*head hang in shame*) I shoulda known. But, but, but ... I was just being optimistic that I would stumble across them last night. Cuz I want them. And I must have them. I must. Can't you hear them calling my name??

BUT... all is good now! Woot! Cuz I ordered them online this morning! Whooo hoooo! Which means, not only do I get my shoes ... but I kept all other retail clerks safe from more dorkiness from me! See? .. wasn't that thoughtful of me??

(The sad thing being though that I was just at Nordstrom's at lunch and they had my shoes at the same price. Which means I coulda been wearing them RIGHT NOW ... instead of 7-10 days from now! GRRRR. But did I have the patience to look around more before I ordered online?? NOOOOO. Because I MUST HAVE THEM. MUST! So we're just going to pretend that Nordstrom's would NOT have had them in my size had I asked. K? K!)

So back to the good news!! My shoes are coming!!! My shoes are coming!!!! Whoo hoooo! Come onnnnnn shoes! Come to mama!

By the way, T ... Nordstrom's had your Keens too. Just sayin'.

T1 said...

why? why you gotta tease me with the keens?

sigh. must have them then. and for me? nordstroms is just across the street! tee hee!