Monday, June 20, 2005

Cats have a sense of humor...

..don't think they don't!

So I wait til Saturday morning to give CJ that new medicine so that I'll be home for a few hours to be around in case she has an adverse reaction to it (yes, I'm a worry-wart ... what's your point?!!). So I give her the pill and all is good. In fact, I'm very, very, very pleasantly surprised to see that not only doesn't she have an adverse reaction to it (whew!) but in fact she seems happier than she has been in a long time! She's boppin' around, feeling good, playful and very cheerful. Hallelujah! This new medicine ROCKS!

Fast forward to late Sunday night. I realize exactly WHY she's been in such a good mood! It's because she put one over on me, that's why! That little dickens managed to only pretend to swallow that pill on Saturday morning. Which means she took the pill, pretended to swallow it (trust me, I look for throat movement), was pet and coo'd over (shut it!), jumped down off the counter, meandered around the kitchen for a while and THEN, when I wasn't looking, spit it out behind her food dish*. Then she snickered at me all weekend. Had her own little private joke going. Oh yes she did. And I know this to be true because as soon as she knew that I knew... the giddiness ended. Yep. Sure did. What a character!

* I'm assuming she figured it would be quite a while before I cleaned back there (and in general she'd probably be right! ;)). But, as luck would have it, this time she was wrong! HA!

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