Friday, April 18, 2008

An addiction that saves the world!

A friend passed along this link. It's a great way to improve your vocabulary while feeding the poor at the same time. Doesn't cost you at thing .... well, other than hours and hours and hours of your time, of course, as it is hella addicting!!!!

But give it a go anyway, because it is fun, improves the mind, and feeds the poor! Now with all those benefits, how can you not?? :)


Free Rice - Play and Feed a hungry person!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Heart Matt Nathanson!

So I've gone to a few concerts lately so I thought I'd finally get off my butt and get you some pics!

First off in this post was the Lifehouse concert. Now, I'll get to the actual Lifehouse portion of this talk in a minute. But first I have to mention the opening band. I'd never seen him, or heard of him before, but am now madly in love with .... Matt Nathanson!!

Look how cute he is! (and yes, that might be my blonde hair in the bottom left corner which means I was back to stalking The Pretties ... but what of it!? :))

Oh so cute!

Not only was the music great, but the guy is freakin' hee-lar-i-ous!!! What a hoot. Here's a bit of him performing Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" (which had T2 in 7th heaven, don't think it didn't, as she loveslovesloves her Rick)

Now doesn't he look like a fun time??

If you haven't heard his music before, go to his website and start listening. He's going to be a huge hit. Even though I swear he kinda reminds me of that actor on the tv show Psych. ;)

So then Lifehouse performed! Wonderful as always!

Let me give an "mmm mmm mmm" for T1 who loves herself her Jason!

Here's a little Lifehouse for you!

And I love this clip of their song "Broken".

And THEN ... the same week I head out to the same venue to see Dropkick Murphys. Check out the difference in the crowds! You just saw Lifehouse and the lack of security in front of the stage! Now check out DKM!

CRAZY, right??!! Makes it hard to watch the band as the crowd is just so freakin' entertaining!! I can't believe those security guys ... they had to be on watch the entire show, continuously physically yanking people out of the pit!!!

Not for me ... uh uh .... I'll stay safely ensconced up in the balconies for Crazy Crowd Shows! That's for sure!

Here's a better one of DKM performing my favorite of their songs ... "The Gauntlet".

After that show, I was shocked I was able to convince the same friends to attend another Crazy Crowd Show coming up in a few months! This one is probably going to be even a bit more wild so .... wish me balcony seats!!! :)

And last but certainly NOT least on this concert post, was the recent Bruce Springsteen concert here in Portland. You know I loves me my Bruce. And on my Bucket List I have listed front row at a Springsteen concert. Yeah, well ... it didn't happen AGAIN! ARGH!

First let me send out a HUGE thank you to T2 for suffering through the standing and waiting outside in the sleet (literally!) for hours to get in (general admission sucks!). AGAIN! T2, thank you, thank you, thank you! I know you and your pregnant self did that all for me and I SOOOOOOO appreciate it! You ROCK!*

But as in Los Angeles, we had about a fifty-fifty shot of our wristband number getting us into The Pit (the floor area closest to the stage). And AGAIN, we didn't make it! CRAZY! What's a girl got to do, Bruce?!! GAH! At this point I'm thinking my quest for the night in the Lincoln Bedroom and the flight in a Blue Angels jet are going to be easier than this Bruce front row one! Good lordy!

But anyway, even though we didn't have the pit, we still were pretty close. (relatively speaking, of course, as we were in a huge arena! Not so close had it been a small club! Just sayin' is all! ;)). Here's a couple of pics:

And here's a little blurb of him singing "Badlands". Man how I love how he'll just have the house lights on and you can look around and see everyone standing on their feet rocking out (uhh, not in this video, but ya know ... when there! ;)). Just doesn't get any better than that!

Still love you Bruce, even though I may never get to see you up close and personal! You know, like I did Matt Nathanson!!!


Okay, so I think that's it on the latest concerts! Hope you enjoyed!

*also thank you for the use of some of these images!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I bought cable tv for my cat

Well, I call it "tv" ... most people would call it a "birdfeeder".

But I tell you what, Emma is in seventh heaven! I hung it outside my dining room windows, which are huge and can be seen from three different rooms.

Unfortunately, we all know Emma is NOT the sharpest tool in the shed, eh? And so she doesn't get that sitting right in the window keeps the birds from approaching the feeder two foot away!

Come to me, my pretties!

Eventually, she got a little more slick! Check out this bird watching tactic!

Ah ha, I fool you! Surely you can not see me now!

Sadly, the birds are still smarter than Emma. As Emma can't contain her excitement and pops right up as soon there is any bird movement near the feeder. Poor kitty. She'll get it right at some point!

In the meantime, there is a squirrel that she couldn't scare off! In fact, they both were shaking their tail feathers (so to speak) at each other for quite awhile! (note: the squirrel is hard to see but is on the limb to the right of Emma)

Yep, this is the best cat toy I've purchased in forever!! And it doesn't even contain cat nip!!! Who knew?! :)