Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekend Roundup

Congratulate me!! I survived Fleet Week! Whoo hooo! The sailors leave today and I am pleased to report that there will be no irate phone calls from sailor's wives of whom I knew nothing about. Of course, there will also be no flowers, flirtatious emails or invites to exotic ports from any of the sailors themselves but ... whatever.

I am addicted to The West Wing. Yep, "hello my name is Kat and I'm a West Wing addict". It's true. What a great show! Have managed to avoid all episodes on tv for years even after hearing such great things about it but finally caved once I realized all my cheesy reality shows were ending for the season (shut it!) and what the hell would I do with all my evenings this summer? (damn single life). So I checked out Season 1 from the library and have been held hostage ever since. In fact, just finished the first season this weekend and am now on edge that I won't be able to get my hands on Season Two for awhile (come onnnnn you fellow library West Wing watchers .... turn your dvds back in already so some other people can watch them for pete's SAKE! SHEESH! :)). ESPECIALLY with the cliff hanger at the end of season one! HOLY SCHNICKETY!

I have officially finished that blue scarf I have been working on for oh.... forever! Hallelujah! I can now move on with life!!!!!! :)

I have been to a Hooter's restaurant ... yes, I have. Check*. What's that?! You're asking "Why would a heterosexual woman who enjoys decent food go to a Hooter's restaurant???". That's a valid question, dear blog reader, a very valid question. And now having been there I can answer with a definitive "beats the hell outta me" Especially after perusing the menu. I mean, if ever you NEED greasy chicken wings or shriveled hot dogs (insert your own joke here) then by all means Hooter's is the place. But women, never let a man try to convince you to go there because "the food is good". Nope. Don't buy into that one. And be forewarned that the waitresses are YOUNG. Holy CRAP! I actually sat there and did the math and realized that I am in fact old enough to be the majority of their mother (granted, I'da had to be pretty dang slutty in high school ... but the fact that it was biologically possible was depressing enough!). Yep. When the hell did that happen by the way? When did I get old? I don't feel old. And yet, sitting there at da Hooter's doing the math ... apparently I AM old. And when did the waitstaff not have to be 21 to serve alcohol?? We even asked our waitress about it**. (Is that just an Oregon thing??) There were certainly interesting patrons there though. The 60+ old men kinda creeped me out but this one guy ... who I affectionately labelled Elvis .... wore leather pants, a wrinkly shirt, funky sunglasses and STOOD the entire time he was eating. I'm just bummed his picture didn't come out well enough to do him justice! (dang camera phones)

Dang it! I thought there was some other tidbit I wanted to share with ya'll but it has slipped my mind (see? I AM old!). So instead, I will leave you with this profundity I found (where else?) on Craigslist this morning. This is from a gentleman seeking a woman. And he states:

I have not been really close to that many girls I have not dated so this will be an interesting experiment.

Does ANYBODY know what the hell that means?! I seriously don't know if I'll be able to get any work done today as my mind continues to ponder it! I mean, have I been traipsing through life oblivous to the fact that I was SUPPOSED to be close to men I haven't dated? What about men I haven't met yet or don't even know exist yet? Are those the ones I should be closest to? I'm just so confused! Maybe I'll get some chocolate and see if that brings any better clarity!

*that's me checking it off my "places I've seens - things I've done" list.
** Buck will deny that he started out the conversation to our waitress with "Speaking of hooters..." but for the sake of this blog I'm sticking with it!!


d said...

No one told you that food was good! I said it was decent. And this was an entertaining blog. Just like I said it would be. If nothing else, it accomplished this... =) And now, to further unveil the mystery of the internut, I would like to admit that "D" and "Buck" are one in the same! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

PS I liked the age of the Hooters girls... Course, I'm a LOT younger than Kat.

Anonymous said...

The wings really are to die for. I went back again to see if they are really as good as I remembered and they weren't. I'm thinking its because I didn't get the neckid ones.
There is something really disturbing about the teenage/old man thing though. Especially the old men with their young "dates".
My favorite thing is after the meal, the waitress has to come over to talk, either by leaning over at your table or by sitting down. Here is an excerpt of that conversion...
Hooter: "So what do you do?"
Me: I'm a database programmer.
Hooter: Wow, I use a computer in my day job.
Me: Really?Ahhh...umm...yes...well, so what do you think of shiny things...
(Hooter girl leans farther over the table as if she is trying to clean the table with her bosom)