Monday, June 27, 2005

The Gene Pool needs some chlorine

If I'm a dork ... what does that make these people?? (errr, other than "dead" in some of these cases)

Five Buddhist monks in Bangkok were defrocked in May after a street fight culminating years of hostility between two temples, according to a Reuters dispatch. Said one (who used brass knuckles), "When an ordinary person is given a middle-finger sign, he will be mad. So will I." [Reuters, 5-31-05]
Awiey "Chucky" Hernandez, 20, was arrested when he went to the 90th Precinct station house in Brooklyn, N.Y., to check on the status of a pal and inadvertently stood directly in front of his own "wanted" poster (on robbery and drug charges). The in-custody pal Hernandez had come to inquire about was Huquan "Guns" Gavin, 18, who appears with him on the poster. [New York Post, 5-25-05]
Charles Cross Jr., was arrested on the street minutes after allegedly robbing a Fifth Third Bank in Louisville, Ky., in May, because he displayed the effects of having been looking directly into his stash bag at the moment the red-dye device exploded. [WAVE-TV (Louisville), 5- 26-05]
And a 22-year-old intoxicated man from Aberystwyth, Wales, accidentally fell through a window and fatally landed on a spiked fence after having pulled down his trousers and screamed to no one in particular, "Who wants some of this?" [Daily Record (Glasgow), 4-15-05]
And in Frederick, Md., a judge convicted Ben Meacham, 23, on two misdemeanor counts for his role in the death of a 21-year-old pal, who had said he wanted to do something unusual on his motorcycle because it was about to be repossessed over a loan default. With Meacham videotaping, the pal, pantsless, did a wheelie before losing control and accidentally, fatally ramming a parked truck. [New York Post-AP, 6-4-05]

And my favorite.......
A man fell to his death from an overpass onto Interstate 5 in Seattle, the loser of a who-can-hang-the-longer game with a friend. [Seattle Times, 5-31-05]
... because that just takes a really, REALLY special kinda stupid!

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d said...

I played that "who can hang longer game before."

Only I was hanging over a 5 foot deep vat of chocolate and I lost. But YUM! Vat of Chocolate!

When my 4 1/2 foot tall victorious friend fell in... well... Let's just say we hadn't really considered all the ins and outs.