Friday, June 17, 2005

ENOUGH Already!!!

For the love of all that is good ... get the hell outta my tabloids already! ARGH! Why, Tom, WHY?! Why would you hold a press conference the MINUTE you pop the question?!! That's just ODD. Can you NOT have a relationship with this woman (who looks like she could be your daughter ... hey, what?! I'm just sayin'!*) outside of the press?! Is that possible? Because there are certainly celebrities that do! (you go, Renee Zwelleger!!!) Don't MAKE me go buy one of those Free Katie t-shirts!

On what he called a "magnificent day," Tom Cruise has announced that he is engaged to a "magnificent woman." The 42-year-old proposed to Katie Holmes, 26, on the top of the Eiffel Tower this morning.

*For the record, I am not opposed to couples with differences in ages. But literally, she looks like she could be his daughter. Which just makes it icky. As does her revealing that she used to have a poster of him on her wall growing up. Again, I'm just sayin'.


ms s said...

and on top of the eiffel tower, no less. how cheesy is that? i mean, for us mere mortals, that would be kind of cool (a proposal anywhere would be cool as i've never had one of those, for marriage that is). but anyway, i don't think it shows much creativity when you're a star and all to choose such a touristy spot...kind of like proposing on a disney ride. in my humble opinion.

ms c said...

hahahaha...sorry. the above post is from ms c (damn, i always get that wrong)

Kat said...

hehehehe. Yeah, Ms C ... thanks for clarifying. Without my caffeine fix yet today you had me scratching my head thinking I was sending comments to myself again! ... lol