Monday, November 24, 2008

Can you say "pissed off wardrobe person"??

So I'm flipping channels yesterday morning and come across the FX channel playing Spiderman 2. But in addition to just the movie, two hosts jabber a bit about the behind the scenes of the movie after each commercial break (you know, like how it works on "Dinner and a Movie" only this is called "DVD and a Movie").

But when the two hosts come out, they are dressed LIKE THIS!!!! (these pictures don't do the horror justice!)

WTF people! Even I (Miss Definitely No Fashionista!) knows both these outfits suck!

First off, horizontal stripes on this man .... seriously??!!! Everyone knows you just-say-no to horizontal stripes if you've got 5 or more pounds to lose. The dude looks like CRAP in that outfit! And frankly, that sweater is just wrong no matter the wearer's size!

And then the chica looks like she is dressed to go boating back in the early 1980s. Hello, the Love Boat called, and Julie McCoy would like her outfit back! I mean, really!

And worse yet .... not only do those two outfits suck individually, but I think seeing them together has permanently burned my retinas! Shit people ...... how did anyone think those outfits were okay?!!!! I mean, maybe if the movie they were showcasing was Saturday Night Fever or something ..... I could kinda get behind the bad fashion joke, you know?! .... but the recent Spiderman 2??!!!!! I just don't get it.

(*shakes head in dismay*)

GAHHH. Someone please go apologize to the wardrobe person for whatever you did to piss them off. And when you do, you might want to bring some flowers. And chocolate. Maybe some jewelry too. Hell, by the looks of it, you'd better throw in a multi-million dollar yacht!!! Because they are RAGING mad! So go! Quick like ninja! Because my poor retinas cannot risk viewing an equally horrible outfit fiasco next week!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love snarky!

So I lovelovelove this website! Reminds me of a few posts I did myself way back when! (here and here)

And to offset the snark, here's a little Do-Good-For-The-World link. There is a postcard project from "Join the Impact" to make sure President-elect Obama knows folks would like equality for all .... gay or straight! So if you are so inclined, feel free to join in!

p.s. where the hell does all the time go?! I can NOT believe that it has been almost two months since my last post. How did that happen???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The "B"s have it!

Here's some updates on some "b"s in my life!

B #1: a new Baby! (no, not mine!! ;)). Congrats to T and C on their new baby boy! He's GORGEOUS! Love the hair! And so happy that he's being such a good baby for you! When do C and I get to babysit??? :)

B #2: the updated Bathroom! C and I did some updating on my guest bathroom. Here's a pic of what I had to start with when I first purchased the condo:

Y'all can say "craptastic" and not hurt my feelings ... trust me! :)

After some painting (wall, door, and vanity), cabinet removal, repair (wall, floor tile, and vanity side), replacement of (faucet, light fixture, toilet lever, door knobs, cabinet hardware, toilet roll holder), the addition of (a towel holder, linen closet, and mirror framing), and some decorating (towels, shower curtain, knick knacks, artwork) .... we get this:

It isn't a high-end upgrade (I spent under $500) ... BUT ... I love it. I think it modernizes the bathroom and makes the house more sale-able! Woot! Plus ... the most important benefit ... Emma approves! :)

B #3: Beauty! A few weekends ago, C and I drove down to Silver Falls State Park to do a little hiking. Just look how gorgeous that area is!

A couple of waterfalls there.

From behind a third one.

A hairy tree! :)

Pretty leaves

Check this one out .... three trees which look like they are hugging! Too cute!

A pic of C and I reflected in a river:

B #4: B&Bs! Just recently we decided to spend a weekend in a bed and breakfast on the other side of Mt Hood. Tons of open space over there, with farms and orchards ... really beautiful. It's maybe a 2 hour drive from Portland.

Anyway, the area has what is called a "fruit loop". It's a loop of highway with many orchards and fruit stands you can stop at to browse and shop! (also wineries and alpaca farms!). We had a great time!

The alpaca farm was my favorite (of course!). It was baby alpaca season ... just look at this cutie!

This guy was my favorite .... quite the character!

My favorite picture of him was when he put his ears up! Reminds me of me in ponytails as a kid! Look how hilarious this picture is .... cracks me up!

A couple of other cuties there...

The farm also had a working dog to protect the herd at night from the coyotes. He was gorgeous ... and catching a few deserved winks while it was daylight.

That place was heaven, of course, and with a yarn shop! I asked when I could move in, but apparently the owners weren't thrilled with that idea! Go figure! :) I did leave with this though!!

A winery we stopped at on the "fruit loop" had a great flower garden in the back guests were allowed to explore!

Sadly, we were not allowed to move in there either! :(

One of the great things about that Hood River area was the wonderful views of Mt Hood everywhere you went. Here are just a few taken throughout the weekend!

Yeah, I tell ya ... that was one nice weekend! I'm already jonesing to go back!

So there you have it .... the latest on some "b"s!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Favorite quote of the day

"You can always tell an old soul by how friendly they are to trees. To dogs, too."
-- Mike Dooley

Cheers to all the other old souls out there!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Have you ever had ......

... one of those mornings where you actually included an open can of cat food in with your packed lunch?? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. Happy Monday morning to me! Sigh.

So I find the cat food when I'm sorting through my food at work and then have to hide it in the back of the break room fridge, cuz really ... how do you explain THAT to your coworkers?!

I tell ya .... the time for putting me in a nursing home keeps creeping closer and closer!! ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Know You Have Too Many Houses When....

So I just read this quote from Barak Obama about John McCain:

"Somebody asked John McCain, 'How many houses do you have?’ And he said, I’m not sure. I’ll have to check with my staff. True quote: I’m not sure, I’ll have to check with my staff."


I hope one day that we are all so lucky to have so many you forget count. Like "oh right ... that's right ... add one more to the total ... I forgot about that beach house in Fiji. Crap, and that mansion in Belize. Oh wait, does a penthouse apartment in Paris count???"

Yeah. Or maybe just to have a staff. How fun would that be??? Where do you sign on for that!?! I want a cleaning staff, and a cooking staff, and pool boy staff (what?), and a grocery shopping staff, and a cat box cleaning staff, and and and!!!

Man, that's the good life. Especially that cat box cleaning staff. Cuz yee doggie, my cats know how to dirty up a box, know what I'm sayin'?!

Only when I am so lucky, I plan on knowing what I have. Otherwise, I'd feel pretty ungrateful, you know?! And I'm not saying that McCain isn't grateful ... it could just be a confusion over whether he owns the property or his wife does, or whether he was unsure if he was supposed to count each condo he owned or just count the entire condo property as "1 property". Could happen. (or he could be an ungrateful ass rich guy .... don't know! ;))

Either way, I don't think Obama should be using this as an example of McCain being out of touch with your average American. Cuz really, Obama, how many "average" Americans make $4 million dollars a year and live in million dollar mansions?!! Yeah, Pot, meet Kettle. Just because McCain (and his wife) have more money than you, doesn't make you average. Just sayin'.

(Wait a minute ... how did I go from writing a short, mocking post to standing up on this political soap box???? Sorry about that!) (*slinks off soap box and starts browsing ads for cat box cleaners *)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

So my honey C likes to kayak. And I've never really kayaked before. Of course, once you hear my story, you will have to say that I STILL don't kayak. Technically. But I'm getting ahead of myself. :)

C knows that I'm lazy (it's a fact, why deny it!?! :)). Sometimes he teases me, other times he appeases me (ha! Just call me Dr Seuss!). And so kayaking is one of the times where he appeases me. To do so, we tandem kayak! Which means we have a big ole kayak for two that he rows while I just sit and pretend that I'm back in Venice with my gondolier rowing behind me. It works out really well I must say! He's happy that we're kayaking together, and I'm happy that I don't have to exert myself rowing for hours. It's a good compromise really.

Plus, this allows me to sit and take pictures. This makes him happy as he likes my photos and will add them to his screensaver slideshow or print them out, frame them, and decorate his home with them. So it's a win-win.

Recently we grabbed some friends and headed out to kayak outside Portland in a place called Scappoose. The area was very peaceful with lots of wildlife, so I have some pictures to share. Take a gander!

First we spotted some osprey with a nest atop a big pole. Here's mom in the nest with the two young 'uns.

And here's papa watching over them from a nearby pole:

And here's mama osprey heading out to hunt (sheesh! Stuck raising the kids AND hunting for them while he just sits his arse over on another pole watching the scenery! That ain't right! :))

And here's a blue heron we rowed by then later spotted in a tree:

That's a weird looking bird, isn't it?! Almost dinosaur-age looking. Weird.

Here are some sandpipers. Too cute! I love these guys!

Oh, and we can't forget the traditional ducks and geese:

Boy, did they make a ruckus when we were cruising by!

A couple of other shots along the way:

And the group at our turn around point:

And last but not least, as we were almost back to our starting point, we stumbled upon a cow which had JUST given birth! So we hung out on the water watching as the mama cow cleaned up her calf a bit, then as the baby tried standing for the very first time! So cute! What a great thing to see! (well, the afterbirth part wasn't SO great .... but the rest of it .... very, very cool! :))

Fresh outta the oven, all wet and gooey!

Mama trying to clean baby up a bit:

Baby's first stand, with mama looking on:

Ta da!!!!

All in all a very good time! I highly recommend this kayak thing! (Especially if you can wrangle someone else into doing the rowin' for you! ;))