Thursday, June 29, 2006

In the Latest Knitting News....

(and shockingly enough ... there HAS been knitting. Granted, VERY little (dang hot weather!). But knitting nonetheless!)

I have started, finished, and already gifted Bunny #2. To an ill little girl I know who needs a kidney transplant. I'm not sure why I figured that if I couldn't give her a kidney (wrong bloodtype) that a stuffed bunny would be second best .... but ya know .. it IS a stuffed bunny homemade by ME! So there ya go! :)

I am STILL in the process of knitting (for the very first time!) a pair of "denim" drawstring pants for T1's baby-to-be Q. Q's baby shower was last Saturday. His pants at that point kinda looked like this:


Actually, I have finished up to the drawstring waistband part at this point but hit a glitch (in the "ummmmm, I'm not quite sure how to proceed" kind of way) and so have been avoiding them ever since. (Nothing like a healthy dose of avoidance, I say, to get one through the day .... errr, or week!) :) No, but really .... they'll get done. No, no ... really.

Of course, even if ... errr, WHEN ... I do finish them I'm all concerned about the shrinkage issue. Because they are knit using Rowan's Denim yarn which is made to fade and shrink just like real denim. So you knit them up then throw them into the washer and the dryer on hot and voila! .... Q's baby denim-like drawstring pants.

Though my concern is that they will shrink up so much that they will end up being Stuffed Bunny's denim-like drawstring pants!!! GAH!

Wish me luck! :)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Me and Saddam ..... ThisClose!!!

So me and Saddam Hussein .... two peas in a pod! Who KNEW?!!!!

I mean, I would have thought that I'd have NOTHING in common with a viscous dictator ..... but apparently I'd be wrong! :)

Because it appears that both he and I have NO willpower. AND love-a the food!!! See?

Because that is SOOO me, I tell ya. I'd get all pissed off and say "that's IT .... I'm going on a hunger strike! I'll show YOU!!". But when reality set in ..... and the tummy started growling ... I'd cave. Oh, would I cave!

Perhaps I should suggest to Saddam that he go on say ... an Overcooked Broccoli Strike!?! Or a Burnt Toast Strike?!! Because I'm pretty sure those would be a lot easier to stick to.

But just a Hunger Strike in general .... no, no ... that's just craziness right there, I tell ya. That won't work for the likes of us, Saddam. Just sayin'. Nice try though! ;)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows

So Buck and I went to the Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows concert on Wednesday night up at the Clark County Amphitheater.

Pretty good concert all in all ... though I do believe I'll just stick to buying the albums from here on out.

I mean, I really like the Goo Goo Doll's music but neither time that I've seen them now (I saw them once before when they opened for Bon Jovi (what? :)) a couple of years ago) have they wowed me.

I know, I know. Perhaps I'm not giving them a fair shake.

Perhaps the first time I was just too wound up anticipating the arrival of Jon-Jon* on stage that no other band would satisfy me.

And perhaps this time I was simply too distracted by the crowd around me. Because let me tell you, folks, this was the strangest crowd yet. And not in the "holy cow, there are some FREAKY PEOPLE here, I'm scared" kinda way. Because I've dealt with that at concerts too. But this crowd was just distracting ... in both an entertaining and annoying kind of way.

The Annoying would be the tons of folks around us who simply had to keep leaving their seats to exit the amphitheater. Or to come back. You know, to get cotton candy or another drink or really, lord knows what. But it was strange because it wasn't just ONE annoying person. It was like EVERYBODY around us. Continually. Even when the performers were on stage.

The Entertaining would be like the two young, good-looking blonde chicks (Buck called them The Lesbians (for in his fantasy I'm guessin')) who took (and I kid you not here) like FIFTY pictures of themselves. Just by putting their heads together and holding the camera out at arms length. Seriously ... like FIFTY! (and I thought I was picky about photos of me!!! :)).

And The Butt Dancer Guy. Who I took a video of (which I WishWishWish Blogger would let me share with y'all) because it was just SO DAMN FUNNY! Reminded me of the Head-Jerk Dancing character on Saturday Night Live. Only with his butt!

And then This Guy.

I had Buck convinced that This Guy was Vince Neil from Motley Crue! HAHA! It wasn't ... but he did actually look like him from the back when he had his sunglasses on. (And in the dark ...when you squinted real hard ....and only looked at him out of the corner of your eye. (hehe))

But enough of my jimmer-jammer ... I know y'all just want to see the pictures of The Pretties. So without further ado, I give you ....

The Goo Goo Dolls: (and more specifically, Johnny Rzeznik ;))

(By the way, sorry for the poor picture quality but it was just dark in there and my camera was NOT happy)


Look how cute this is. I think these are their lucky charms that they had on stage with them. A Bob's Big Boy, a Homer Simpson, and ... errr ... something! ;) Cute!

The Counting Crows:

I've never seen The Counting Crows before. No, no ... literally! I've never SEEN them before. Not in video. Not in photos. Nada. So when Adam Duritz came on stage I was a bit surprised. Not the look I had pictured in my head.

Funky cool though.

Now I must admit that I thought FOR SURE that the Goo Goo Dolls would be the headliner. So I was SHOCKED when The Goo came out first. Shocked! So to me, The Counting Crows, though good ... were anticlimatic. Which I guess doesn't give THEM a fair shake either! ;)

Anyway, a couple of more Adam shots:

And a couple of Dan Vickrey:

Not my usual Concert Write-Up pizzazz, I know ... but I know all y'all are just in it for the pictures anyway!!! :)

*whom I've touched(!!!), y'all remember... :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Mind Boggles

Uhhhhh T1?? ................. you didn't buy a new car and not tell me, now did ya?!!

Because I just saw this car with the "KEANU" license plate driving around at lunch and figured it must be you.

I mean ... who else????

The ONLY other Keanu Fan-atic I know moved far away..... so that just leaves you. Because surely there can't possibly be THREE of you in this world, now can there? :)

p.s. Keanu, if you're reading this. Just joking, baby. I'd do ya ... so just know that. Though I'd probably squash ya if I did. Dang freakishly skinny people.
p.p.s. Counting Crow and Goo Goo Doll concert pictures coming tomorrow. I SWEARRRR!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who let the crazies out? ... woof, woof, woof, woof!

Why?? Why do The Crazies always find me?! It's no good, I tell ya. Sigh.

So at lunch yesterday, I pull up to the drivethrough ATM at The Bank to get me some cashola. Only, as I'm about even with the ATM machine and just lowering my driverside window, I hear a manic yell from Some Crazy Bitch (SCB) who is on-foot to my right. She comes around the rear of my car and then comes up between me and the ATM machine I'm about to use.

I instantly think "Homeless? Going to ask for some money?" because I'd just dealt with that Sunday at Trader Joes. So I wait a minute to see what she's going to say but she simply squeezes up between my car and the ATM machine and starts using it ... never saying one word to me!!!!

Hello?!!!! WHO DOES THAT?!

No, no ... seriously! WHO?!

Cuz y'all ... I am AT the driveup ATM machine. AT IT! And close enough to it that SCB must turn sideways to navigate in between my car and the ATM machine. Which really puts her ass to my car window (I have a sports car). Uh yeah.

Combine that with the angry mutterings she had going on while using the machine and yeah......
that, my friends, is The Crazy.

So I do what any normal red-blooded woman would do when faced with The Crazy (or The Crazy's Ass ... whatever) .... I quickly (yet casually ..... because one must not make any sudden moves when dealing with The Crazies) press the button to reraise my car window while simultaneously verifying that my doors are locked. My mama did not raise no fool.

Now I figured I had two choices: 1) drive off to use the walkup ATM or 2) wait for SCB to finish with this ATM. (no, raising a ruckus with SCB did not enter my mind. You cannot win when confronting The Crazies. They are not afraid to make a scene (obviously), they will not back down, and they will, in all likelihood, be okay with killing you. I grew up in LA ... I speak from experience.)

Now, being that the walkup ATM was under construction ... and I really wanted some money ... I decided to wait out SCB to see what she would do. I felt relatively safe in the car with the motor running and my foot on the clutch ready to zip off should said Crazy Person decide to engage me. Plus, I was thinking with as cramped a quarters as she was in .... unless she pulls a weapon ... the damage to the car wouldn't be TOO bad. Not like she could total my car with little stilted punches.

Plus, I put on a little crazy myself ... ya know, a little Pre-emptive Crazy, shall we say..... to make her think twice should she consider taking me on.

What kind of Pre-emptive Crazy, do you ask? Well let me tell ya. I turned up my Taylor Hicks "Do I Make You Proud" song which was playing off his cd single I had purchased (what?) and proceeded to rock out. Because really, nothing says Crazy like an almost 40 year old* woman enthusiastically head-bopping to some blaring American Idol music. If that didn't stop SBC and make her think twice, nuthin' would .... is all I'm sayin'! :)

So she finished her transaction and turned to try to say something to me. I cracked my window, turned down the Taylor (no really ... it was that loud) and said "excuse me?". She toothlessly mumbled, "I'm sorry to be so bitchy". And left.

Now one might think she apologized because her anger dissipated once she got her cash.

Or perhaps because her meds finally kicked in.

But no. I'm telling you it's because I really scared her by unleashing my Pre-emptive Crazy. Those of you who have seen my Car Dancing and heard my Singing know what I'm talking about.'t.get.any.scarier.than.that!!! ;)

Woof, woof! (*makes 'raise the roof' hand gestures*)


Monday, June 19, 2006

Calling all Portland area Shoe Whores!!

I have found Nirvana!!

Thanks to my yummilicious (that is TOO a word! :)) hairstylist I have been turned on to the shoe store DSW down in Tualatin (next to the Bed, Bath & Beyond at the Bridgeport Village).

Tons and tons of designer shoes, check it out!!!

And the prices, folks!! OH, the prices!!! Much cheaper than I've found elsewhere ... even on Zappos! (and I should know ... I found a pair of my Bass and a pair of my Merrells at DSW for MUCH less than what I paid. BAH!)

And although I didn't see any Keens, Fryes, Dansko or Harley Davidsons (what? :)), they did have:

The aforementioned Bass and Merrells, of course.

As well as:

Anne Klein
Michael Kors
Steve Madden
Franco Sarto
Kenneth Cole Reaction
Josef Seibel
Liz Claiborne

... to mention just a few. They also had a ton of tennies but I didn't check out the brands on those aisles.

So go! Run! Give it a try! I mean, what's the worst that can happen?? You end up with 50 million pairs of shoes you didn't need and a credit card bill you can't afford? Pshah! Now how is that different than any other day!?!?! ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006

L.A. Roundup

So finally some pictures from my trip to LA this past weekend! It has been a CRAZY week ...

First off ..... wait a minute ... what's this? .... hmmmm, perhaps these are photos from my trip to the North Pole?....

No, no ... that's right ... it's called Being Bored To Death On The Airplane. So I amused myself by taking pictures of the clouds out the window.

Here's another (look how fluffy they look!!!)......

... but I'll kindly spare you the Fifty Gagillion others I took (what can I say? I forgot my knitting! :))

You know you are in L.A. when:

1) you can eat In N' Out under the shade of a palm tree.

2) you can see the Hollywood Sign!!!!! (you might have to trust me on this ... it is there through the haze ... I SWEAR!)

3) you can't walk 5 feet without stumbling across something being filmed (in this case, apparently, a 2007 Toyota commercial)

4) you can't walk 5 feet without seeing a celebrity

Hey! Those are TOO celebrities!! They're stars of the new Pixar movie "Cars"!

Found these on Hollywood Blvd when my friends and I were wandering around Hollywood about midnight after dinner on Saturday night. We were going to pop in to watch the 12:30 am movie showing ... but then we remembered that we were old and it was past our bedtimes ... so we continued on home! :)

The best sight after stumbling out of my mom's guestroom on a Sunday morning:

A sticky note saying......

Yeah, life is hard, eh?? :)


These people that move back in with their parents may just be on to something. Just sayin'! ;)

Walt Disney Concert Hall:

I asked mom where she wanted to go on Sunday and she immediately said she'd been wanting to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I'd never heard of it but ... off we went!

It's a gorgeous building, created by architect Frank Gehry, and now houses the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Take a gander at some of these shots...

Isn't that a fabulous building!! I just love it!

Random Stuff Around L.A.:

A view of downtown.....

The Kodak Theater ... home of The Oscars ... and, more importantly, where American Idols have tread (specifically Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry (yee doggie!)) :)...

"Oversized Love Sacs" ... (*snicker*)... [I think I embarrassed V and L by taking this photo. Which, after having already dealt with me stalking the CAP, you'd think wouldn't have fazed them at all!]

And last, but certainly not least, just for T1*!!!

I didn't have time to stalk Keanu in person for you because I was uhhhh .. a little too busy stalking Crazy Aunt Purl? (heh)...but I did find this for you!

Perhaps not as exciting as Keanu in person (ya think?) ... but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

So there you have it ... the L.A. Weekend Roundup.

*too funny that you just mentioned the Keanu Stalking in your comment on Wednesday's post. Hehe.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank You

Thank you, Crazy Aunt Purl, for sharing me with your blog readers yesterday. The Power of Purl is phenomenal! I don't think I've had so many hits on my blog in TOTAL since I started it over a year ago! (sad really, but it might just be true!) So thank you. That's a nice 15 minutes of fame.

And thank you to CAPs fans for stopping in and leaving such nice comments. I am SOOOOO happy to hear y'all don't think I'm a true-blue Scary Stalker! And that you can relate! Makes me feel much better. Cuz really, she was RIGHT THERE! And looked just like she does in her photos! It was so surreal!

So whew! Sneaking the picture didn't make me a Scary Stalker. Which means y'all would probably also understand my sticking around til after she left and stealing her half-eaten roll??


Oh .....well never mind then. (heh)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm sorry, Crazy Aunt Purl!

It's official! I've gone from Normal Everyday Cute Stalker to Bonafide Scary Stalker ..... and I didn't even mean to! No, no ... really!!! I SWEAR!

Here's what happened:

So I go down to Los Angeles this past weekend for a very last minute trip to visit my mom. I mean, I didn't even know for certain that I'd be heading down until Friday afternoon. And I flew standby at o'dark hundred hours on Saturday morning. It doesn't really get any more last minute than that, right?! Right! (work with me, people! :))

I'm hanging with mom Saturday afternoon and decide to call my friends to see if they will have any time to meet up with me during the couple of days while I'm down there. As luck would have it, my friend L is available for a late dinner that night!

She calls our friend V to see if she is available as well and AGAIN, the planets were lined up just perfectly, V had time to play. Without the kids!!! (I'm tellin' ya ... it was fate!). They ask what I want to do and I say I'd love to go down to Hollywood area for dinner like we used to!

I head over to V's house to meet up with them around 6:30 pm to find them gathered around the computer trying to figure out where to go. I hear that V ruled out Chin Chins (sigh ... I love that place!) but they were talking about some place called The Abbey! I think SWEET! But L calls the restaurant and there is no hope of getting a reservation. Late Saturday night and the Abbey is all booked up!

So they ask where I want to go. I have no idea. But The Stinking Rose (which Crazy Aunt Purl (CAP) had mentioned on her blog) pops into my head and I laughingly say "have y'all ever heard of The Stinking Rose?". They immediately glom onto this idea and are all excited with the prospect because they've been meaning to go there but have never made it. I quickly say "no, no ... but we can't go there ... I was just joking. See, there is this blogger, Crazy Aunt Purl, and she's going to be there. So if I go I'll be a bonafide stalker ... and I don't wanna be a bonafide stalker!".

They stared at me with utter confusion and said "A blogger? You'd be a blog stalker?? We don't get it."

I tried to explain but they just poo-poo'd me and said "it's a big place ... what are the chances you'd see her anyway?"

Uh yeah.

So we go! And the place is a HOOT! And I see right off the bat while they're seating us that there is no CAP in sight. I breathe of sigh of relief!

Until much, much, much later in the meal. When one of them asks "have you seen if she's here yet". Without thinking, I quickly scan around and see CAP sitting at my 4 o'clock. It was only a quick glance yet the exact same moment .... CAP seems to see me looking (argh!). So now I FEEL like a real stalker and can't think of how I could casually approach her without The Guilt Of Bonafide Stalker etched on my face. Even though I was still clinging to the theory that I DIDN'T MEAN TO STALK!

I mean, really, what were the chances that I'd be in LA that weekend, that my friends would just happen to be available that night, that they wanted to go to The Stinking Rose, that we would be there at the same time as CAP, and that CAP would get seated near us??!! I mean, COME ONNNNNNN!

So then the "OMG .... Crazy Aunt Purl ..... RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!" ... started to seep in. And I snuck another glance behind me .... only to find, once again ... CAP seeming to see me looking.

So now, it's official. I've got Stalker written all over me!

BUT wait, it gets worse.

So there is truly this line between Casual Stalker ... and Scary Stalker. And I crossed it ... oh yes I did! Because you know me and my camera .... must take pictures! MUST. And so I errr ...... tried to figure out how to sneak a picture of CAP. (I KNOW! I told you ..... I've crossed the line)

Unfortunately, my back was to CAP so I couldn't do it on the sly. So I wrangled my friend V to try to sneak the picture since she was sitting facing CAP. But V kept saying "it's too dark ... it's too dark, switch places with me " ... and so I switched seats so I was facing CAP. I had L and V pretend like I'd be taking a picture of them but really .... they kept blocking my shot! So I had to tell them to get out of the way and I snuck a picture* of Crazy Aunt Purl.
Well, I say "snuck" ... but really, when a bright flash of light goes off in a darkened restaurant ... and you've got three women giggling like schoolgirls .... how "sneaky" is that?!! Yeah, not really, I know!

So yeah, it's official ....... stay tuned for invitations to my house-warming party for my new home in Scary Stalkerville!

And you know, it wouldn't have been AS bad had I simply approached her after dinner and told her what a fan I was. But did I??? NO!

I like to blame my wussiness on the fact that she wasn't with her group of blogging girlfriends who would have understood the "OMG! You're Crazy Aunt Purl!!!" blabberings from a total stranger! Instead she was on a date (with a mighty cute man, might I add!)! And so I didn't want to intrude! Because, what if she didn't tell him about the blog?? And and ......... what would I have said anyway?? Nothing coherent I guarantee you! (And whatever it was would have been mighty garlicky too. Just sayin'.)

So instead I slunk out .... which really kinda cements the title of "Scary Stalker", doesn't it?!

Yeah, I'll be expecting the restraining order in the mail any day now...... :)

*I'd post the picture for all y'all but apparently V was right when she said "it's too dark"! And the grainy mess that came out simply does not capture the gorgeousness that is CAP! Sigh. I was SO hoping that picture would work out. But now I've crossed the line to Scary Stalker without being able to post any proof! (but WAIT! ... maybe no proof means I can still lay claim to "Normal Everyday Cute Stalker"??? Yeahhhhh, that's the ticket..... :))

Friday, June 09, 2006

I am NOT the Crazy Cat Lady....

.... and hence, I will not be watching the new reality show* which stars 10 cats! That's right, you heard me! A Kitty Reality Show!

Apparently the cats will be "put through their weekly paces in contests including best purr and top post-climber, a panel of judges will decide who stays and who goes."

AND ...the copywriters will be creating voiceovers! You know, to give the cats personalities!!! "Some may be shy, but the Los Angeles and New York cats could turn out to be real glamour pusses."

HAHAHA. See now, that doesn't sound entertaining at all! If I was TRULY a Crazy Cat Lady I'd know that this project "will be shown in three-minute segments in the 9 p.m. EDT hour Friday on the Animal Planet channel for 10 consecutive weeks, starting June 16". Right? So SURELY I'm not a Crazy Cat Lady. I don't even have my VCR programmed to record it. Yet.


* full details here.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

While on the subject of music....

.... for those fans out there of the band Live ... and for those fans of American Idol's Chris Daughtry (hubba hubba*) ... have y'all caught the new duet of these two doing the song "Mystery"??

The Live website has a link to the download. You can find it here. It is absolutely fan-tab-u-lous! Take a listen if you get the chance!

Go Chris!!! Whoo hooo!!! Can't wait til your AI obligations are over and you can get out there and start up a band to call your own. I will come stalking, so prepare yourself!! ;)

[update: well, crap-a-dap! By the time Blogger came up and let me actually publish this post, the link to the song Mystery became invalid. Sorry about that. Apparently they've got it listed on all the normal download sites if you are so inclined. (Dang bastards .... just sucking all the fun outta things!)]

*Hey Taylor Hicks ... I haven't forgotten about you, don't think I have! You know I'd still marry you in a heartbeat if'n you crooked your finger at me. Just sayin'. K?! :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

J.D. Fortune would be a kinky lay*.....

.... but we'll get back to that thought!

First up .... Scott Stapp! Y'all remember him .... the frontman for the band Creed! Used to LOVE that band ... ya know, right up until they broke up. (grrrr)

But apparently Scott has taken on a solo career ... something I'm only guessing based on his stage setup ....

Hello? Ego much?

I'm thinking it's a pretty good guess, though!

Anyway, he opened last night for INXS! Which was cool, in that, a lot of times the opening bands are CRAP! But Scott played Creed songs (mmmm, "With Arms Wide Open" and "Higher"!) plus some songs from his new solo album.

So I tried to take some pictures for all y'all ... because the man ain't all that bad to look at (know what I'm sayin'?). So here I give you ... my Scott Stapp photos...

Crapzilla, right?! I KNOW this! But I have an excuse, don't think I don't. And my excuse is the concert security guy blurrily pictured RIGHT HERE......

Because he was The Camera Nazi! First picture with a flash and he was ON us! BASTARD! Spent his whole time glaring at the crowd and anyone who dared used their camera he took off towards with his little angry strut and yelled at ya.

SO ... all my pictures had to be sneakily taken without flash. And hence, the crapzilla photos.

Damn Camera Nazi. Here's a more accurate portrait, I'm thinkin'........

"Heil, World Without Cameras!

Anyway, the GOOD news was that The Camera Nazi (TCN) wasn't near us when INXS hit the stage. Whoooo hoooooo! So the pictures are MUCH improved! See?

So that's the band. Y'all know the story of the reality tv show RockStar:INXS in which the INXS band held a competition to find their new lead singer, right?! And the winner was J.D. Fortune. Pictured here:


So that is what brought us to this concert ... because T1 is a huge J.D. fan! HUGE! So once we were clear of TCN we started shamelessly snapping away. For your viewing pleasure (though mainly for hers! ;)) ... I give you ... J.D. Fortune (click to enlarge).....

I swear that man had more outfit changes then Debbie Gibson! (errr, not that I'd know about Debbie Gibson outfit changes during a concert first hand ... nope, not I! And you can't prove it!!! [note to self: throw out incriminating ticket stub from Radio City Music Hall concert in 1988!])

ANYWAY, apparently there were other people on stage with J.D. I don't know their names ... I was never a huge INXS fan. But for those of you who might have been (or who perhaps currently are) ... here are some other shots:

All in all, a pretty good concert. Probably pretty awesome if'n you're a big fan. Just one word of warning..... don't hang around by the tour bus afterwards trying to get a picture (what?).

T1 and I hung out for AN HOUR AND A HALF only to finally glean (not through any announcement of any kind ... just sort of overhearing things) that all but one member of the band had snuck off much earlier! What kinda BS is THAT?! I mean, come onnnnnn! There were only like 20 fans waiting ... and I saw us ... we were definitely a harmless bunch (trust me on this!). So it wasn't like it was going to be a mob scene! And it would have taken, what?... 20 minutes MAX to sign autographs and take pictures! Hell, even just a walk by with a couple of handshakes would have been nice and taken but a mere 30 seconds.

But no ... we got BUPKUS! And not even anyone to tell us that they weren't coming out. What is that?? INXS, y'all lost brownie points with that one. At least Rob Thomas's guitar player Frank Romano told us right away that Rob was gone so we didn't waste any time hanging around waiting on him (it truly is official that I'm a groupie, isn't it??!! :))

Okay, but back to J.D. Cuz I know y'all have been wondering about my post heading ... don't think you haven't! :)

So here are a couple of photos of J.D. with his microphone stand (trust me on this, you'll see why I mentioned that in a minute! ;)).

These photos would be the Non-Pornographic ones. I did not take pictures of the Pornographic ones ... I was a bit distracted at the time (*ahem*).

But let me try to explain. Imagine the microphone as the woman's head and the base of the stand as the woman's feet and J.D. licking on the stand somewhere south of center (I will not be elaborating further). The man went to town, is all I'm sayin'. For minutes on end. Used his wetted fingers when he felt the need. Uh yeah.

At another time he grabbed the sax guy by his sax strap (which lies around the neck) and pulled him out to center stage and proceeded to spank him.

That, with his interesting undulations, led me to believe that that boy would be a Wild Child in the bedroom. Just sayin'. The phrase "swinging from the chandelier" comes to mind. Only with him I'm fairly certain you'd be tied to it! ;)

(No, I do not know where you can sign up for a piece of the J.D. Action. But when I do, you can get in line behind me! ;) And that boy isn't even on my Lust For list. He just seems like he'd be a hoot. Of course, I also think you'd need to expect to get booted as soon as the errrr .... session?..was finished. I don't see him as the cuddling type! :))

So there you have it. The INXS roundup!

*to AGAIN quote Seinfeld .... "not that there is anything wrong with that".