Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hairy Balls

Yep. I'm out browsing a nursery at lunch (shut it ... yes ANOTHER sickness of mine) and spot the most peculiar of plant names. "Hairy Balls". I kid you not. So of course I had to BORROW (what?) the plant tag to report back to ya'll (my two readers ... I love you btw). Apparently this would be the "hairy balls of the Swan plant". Yep, again ... I've got it right here in black and white. (And I'd even scan it in for you if I could get my scanner working!*) Quite the big swan balls too .... grows to 5 foot! (eesh!). And ... are you ready for this? ... has the following description: "Creamy white flowers followed by softly spiny, pale green fruit". Yep, it sure does. Who WRITES these things??? I mean, really .... the name "hairy balls" is bad enough. But to use the terms "creamy white" and "softly spiny fruit" in the description is just plain ole WRONG, people! I mean, sure, sure ... folks can call it by its "official" name ("Asceplias physocarpa") but really ... when faced with the choice between the two names ... who ISN'T going to go with "Hairy Balls"?! Not I! ;)

* hint, hint Buck


d said...

What's wrong with your scanner? You're a technical GOD for cripe's sake! What can a mere mortal like me do?

Kat said...

Fix it!...lol. My other reader requests that you do (don't you, Ms C?! (request it ... request it!!!)) :)

ramblin' girl said...

that's great, you have to scan the tag!
(d should definitely fix your scanner for you!)
- random blog-stalker

Kat said...

Oh Ramblin' girl, I luv ya already! ;) Thanks for the shout out and for helping to support my cause. Now hopefully D will crumble under the pressure and fix my scanner!! ...lol (Come onnnn, D .. you know you wanna! :))

ms c said...

i need to correct something in d's post...you are a GODDESS not a GOD and, yes, d should fix it.

will hairy balls grow in the desert?