Friday, June 10, 2005

Today's CL Winners

Ah yes, today's Craigslist winners.

First off ....

sugar mama wanted

Reply to:
Date: 2005-06-10, 12:19PM PDT

I'm an honest man seeking an honest woman. [True that. This man is honest]
i'm 43 6 foot tall short brown hair with beard and mustache.
i'm looking for a sugar mama. [see?]
take care of me and have me how ever and whenever you want.exept no men.i am straight and have no std and you must be too.
I'M not into head games.I'm looking for someone who has similar interest
as me. [actually, you're looking for someone with an OPPOSITE interest then you. Otherwise you'd be looking for another freeloader. In which case, try this guy]
my friends describe me as an extremely honest and caring guy.
I like to stay home a lot,but I also like to get out now and then.
I like to eat out, but not every day.I don't drink a lot but I do enjoy having an occasional
beer from time to time.I also enjoy getting out to a bar once in a while.(not often)
My Hobbies include: fishing,camping and relaxing at home watching tv [get out ... didn't see that couch potato line coming]
I also enjoy surfing the net and chatting to my friends.I enjoy repairing computers and having sex.I'm also open to trying new things. [uhhh, okay ... well then how about trying to get and keep a job so you can support yourself? Yeah. That would be something new, right?!! SHEESH!]

And this guy....

sexy beast seeking sexy mama - 30

Okay, a "sexy beast". Alright, bring it on ... I'm ready for ya. Let's see what you've got to say. Wait a minute, wait a minute here .... you describe yourself with "i like star wars, card games, animals, playing internet games and watching movies". But, but, but ... you said "Sexy Beast". I mean .... maybe it's just me but that description elicits a more ... how do I put this politely??..."Nerdy Beast" feel rather than a "Sexy Beast" one. Sigh. Dang false advertising ... AGAIN.

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d said...

I really have nothing to say to this.

I just feel like a blog without a comment is like a whore without a john.