Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some cat owner is going to have a very high water bill

Check out this link that my mom sent me. Too cute:

Toilet Junkie

It's funny because Emma has been fascinated with the toilet since I moved to my new condo too. (She hasn't been flushing it, mind you ... she ain't that sharp ... but she has been hanging over the rim looking into the bowl whenever I flush it). I've been wanting to take a picture but by the time I get my camera she has been distracted by something else. (hmmmm. Perhaps this A.D.D. stuff is contagious??? :))

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


A picture I took while driving* to a friend's house several weeks ago. Isn't that sky great?

*unless you're a police officer. In which case I was definitely NOT fumbling around for and with my camera while driving. Nope, I was most definitely pulled over to the side of the road all safe and sound like! Or, better yet.... I took it while standing on my front porch. If'n I had a front porch. Yeah, yeah ... that's the ticket (wait, who said "ticket"????)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

God Bless The USA

So I found a quirky yet profound message on the underside of my Sobe cap this morning. See?

"Good luck is the result of trying again."

Isn't that interesting? I like it. Fits in with my "you can make your own destiny" type thinking.

Of course, then I read the fine print .... (isn't there always fine print?).... and then I REALLY had to sit back and ponder.

"Only valid in the USA". Hmmmmm. (*insert head scratch*)

Which kinda makes one wonder just what good luck is the result of in say .... Australia?

How about in Brazil??

Or, on the flip side, what happens when you try again in Turkey?

Seriously ...inquiring minds want to know!

(or perhaps ... just MY mind!) :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ooh, look! .... something shiny!

I'm getting nothing done at the condo, folks. NOTHING.

Tons of projects .... nothing at all getting finished. I've self-analyzed and realized I think it's because I have A.D.D. Either that, or I'm absolutely senile.

Why do I say that, you ask?!! Well, let me give you a brief glimpse into The Chaotic Condo Life Of Kat. Here's a snapshot of my time one morning this past weekend:

[Enter with Kat in master bedroom]

(*Kat spots moving box of packed toiletries sitting in bedroom*)

"Time to unpack this box of bathroom supplies which has been sitting in my bedroom since I moved in. Now where did I put the scissors so I can open it? Hmmm, I'm guessing downstairs in the kitchen. Either on the counter or in the drawer."

(*Enters hallway on the way downstairs. Spots CJ sitting at top of stairs*).

"Well, hiya CJ. How goes it? Oh, are you hungry? Okay, come on, let's get you a treat."

(*continues down stairs and into kitchen with cat following. Spots painting supplies in entryway*)

"Okay, my major goal today..... To paint the dining room. That's going to take awhile so the sooner I get started the better. I'll need the ladder for that. Where's that? Oh yeah, upstairs. But let's be efficient, is there anything from downstairs that needs to go upstairs that I can take with me while I'm heading up anyway??"

(*walks into living room to check. Spots unopened bag of cat litter that had been previously brought in from the car and not yet stored away yet*)

"Damn, that's right ... I'm in desperate need of completely changing out the catboxes. I should do that right now before I forget."

(*heads to kitchen to get almost full kitchen trash bag to use for litter so can then take all trash at once out to dumpster*)

(*takes trash container from under kitchen sink, removes its trash bag, places in new bag and puts empty trash container back under sink*)

"Hmmm, while I'm at it, I should throw out those couple of items going bad in the fridge."

(*opens fridge*)

"Oh man, I'm hungry... I haven't had breakfast yet so I should probably eat. Maybe I'll do that first before I start dealing with yucky cat litter."

(*puts trash bag down in kitchen, washes hands at sink, then goes back to fridge and ponders food options*)

(*grabs leftover pizza from fridge (what?) and a Starbucks bottled frap (double "what"??? :), tosses a small snippet of chicken to CJ, then heads to living room to eat*)

"Yippee skippee, while I eat I can watch the episode of Monk I missed last night" (shut it)

(*grabs remotes and tracks down Monk episode to watch*)

(*watches Monk*)

(*as well as maybe the episode of Psych*) (seriously, shut it! ;))

(*turns off tv*)

"Okay, now what was I doing?"

(*confusedly looks around and spots empty shelving which should hold cds*)

"Cool, now that the living room is painted I can fill those shelves with my cds and movies. I think those are packed in a box upstairs in the office"

(*heads upstairs*)

(*before entering office, glance in master bedroom and notice pile of laundry that needed to be done*)

"Well, before I start shelving the cds, I might as well get a load of wash started! Cuz me .... all about the efficiency!!! And that way I'll be getting two things done at once! Whoo hoooo!"

(*enters master but before grabbing laundry sees box of toiletries*)

"Dang it! ... that's right .... I was going to unpack that real quick. All I needed was the scissors! What a dork! I WILL finish something today!"

(*jogs downstairs and into kitchen*)

(*but before locating scissors, almost trips over bag of garbage left in the middle of the floor*)

"Crap, that's right ... I need to get rid of that. But I think I have a few things in the fridge to toss in there first..."

(*opens fridge. Sees CJ's bottle of pills in there.*)

"Sorry, kitty ... first up ... I need to give you your pills for today."

(*tries to reach down to pick up CJ but CJ has heard the "p" word and makes a dash for the living room*)

(*starts heading off after CJ until ....................[insert sound of phone ringing off in the distance]*)

"Crap! My cell phone! Where did I put that??"

(*races upstairs and traces source of ringing to purse which is sitting beside the bed. Furiously digs through purse but can't find phone before ringing stops.*)

"GAHHHHH! I REALLY need to clean out my purse!!!!"

(*Finally finds phone and sees that "unknown caller" was the dialer. Waits a few heartbeats but phone does not indicate any voicemails being left. DAMNIT!*)

(*Plops down on floor and dumps out purse to start the purse cleaning process. Hears cell phone beep*)

(*Looks over and notices that the cell phone is warning about a low battery*)

"Dang it .... I better get this phone charging since I don't have a landline. Now where did I put that cell phone charger?? It COULD be downstairs in the kitchen. OR was it left on the master bath's counter??"

(*Gets up and walks into master bath area to check. Doesn't find the charger but MAN does that sink need to be cleaned*)

"Before I go downstairs to plug in the cell, I might as well clean this sink real fast. I know I've seen that cleaner recently ..... Is that in the other bathroom??"

(*Puts cellphone down on counter and walks out of master and starts heading over to the second bathroom. While in hallway, glances into office and see the ladder*)

"That's RIGHT ... I MUST paint! That's going to take awhile! I'd better get that started!"

(*Enters office and grabs the ladder. Takes ladder downstairs in through the living room and spots the bag of cat litter*)

"DAMNIT! I REALLY need to change those cat boxes! But before I do that I need to grab the trash bag from the kitchen and I really should dump those couple of items from the fridge. Then I can just dump the litter as well into that trash bag and get it all out at once! Ya know .... cuz I'm all about efficiency!!"

(*Puts ladder down in dining room and enters kitchen. Before reaching trash bag, notices cellphone charger sitting on desk*)

"GAHHHH! My cellphone! I REALLY need to plug that in! I'd better do that first ... ya know, before I forget!......."

(*Grabs cell charger and sees paint samples purchased the day before sitting next to it.*)

"SWEET! I've been meaning to see if this paint color will work in the second bathroom. I can take this upstairs while I'm at it and save myself a trip."

(*Grabs paint sample and heads upstairs. Decides to pop into the second bathroom real quick to get an impression of how that paint will look. Puts cell charger on bathroom counter and holds paint sample to wall. Thinks the sample looks pretty good but won't be able to really tell until a patch is painted on the wall and left to dry. Decides to grab a paint brush from downstairs to do so. But before can leave the bathroom Emma hops on the counter*)

"Well, heya, Kitty-kitty ... you want to be brushed?"

(*Puts paint sample down on bathroom counter next to cell charger and grabs kitty brush from under sink. Proceeds to brush Emma*)

(*While brushing Emma, glances into master bedroom and spots pile of laundry*)

"That's right ... the laundry ... GAHHHHHHH ....I was meaning to start that!"

(*Finishes brushing Emma and walks into master to grab laundry. Does so and heads downstairs to the washing machine. Places laundry in washing machine and sees that there is plenty of room for some additional items. Decides it would be more efficient to grab more items before starting the washer. Exits laundry room and starts towards the stairs to find more items. Spies CJ trying to look inconspicous*)

"Hey now, kitty ... we still need to do your pill. Come onnnnn"

(*Scoops up CJ and heads into kitchen. Places her on counter and pills her. Spots scissors trying to hide under the mail sitting on the counter next to CJ. Remembers was looking for the scissors ... only at this point ... doesn't remember why! Looks around the area hoping something will jog the "scissor" memory .... spots the trash bag, the laundry room door, the bag of cat litter and a bunch of painting supplies. Suddenly feels overwhelmed! Decides to take a break and read.*)

And such is life nowadays, folks! This is why the condo is not yet painted. Nor unpacked. And why my cellphone may often be dead. :)

Good news is ......... I may be losing weight .... ya know, what with all the stair climbing and all! :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I told you ... don't call me "Junior"!!

Okay, last "flicks on the bricks" for this summer. Who can name this movie? It's one of my favorites!

Speaking of favorites, I wanted these people to be my new best friends while watching the movie on Friday night. But alas, they kept this two tiered stash of Movie Munchety Goodness all to themselves! (Selfish bastards!!!!) :)

One two-hour movie, two people, a week's worth of munchies. That's my kinda people! :)

Damn tempting to want to sneak a cookie or five when they weren't looking, let me tell you. Because I was right there (as you can tell from my photo). But I had my Goody Two-Shoes Hat on that night so I didn't. Sigh. Luckily I had free popcorn, an entertaining movie, and a great movie crowd to keep me out of trouble! Had the movie been something like "Gigli" or "Howard the Duck" ........these folks may not have been so lucky! :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Bees and water and cats ... oh my!

So I just received a voicemail message from one of my new condo neighbors.

Y'all ... I got a little nervous right off the bat when I saw the call was from a new neighbor because normally calls from neighbors who don't know you means trouble, like ... your condo is on fire!!!!!!


But I took a deep breath and listened to the voicemail and must admit ...... my level of anxiety wasn't GREATLY reduced afterwards!


This is why. The message went something akin to:

NN: "Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that ....."

(*insert cellphone static*)

NN: "... bees on the deck ...."

(* static*)




NN: "....your cats....."


NN: "..... so I just put water on it...."


NN: "... that stressed them...."


NN: " me ....."


(*end of message*)


(* insert Kat freaking out!*)

I mean, a Bee Issue is better than a Fire Issue. But why's he talking about my cats with regard to this?? They should be inside!! And he put water on WHAT exactly?? Cuz he doesn't say "them" to indicate the bees, nor does he say "them" to indicate the cats. So ....... ?????

...... I called him back and found out the missing holes to the story. It seems that the entire message went something like this:

NN: "Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that I was spraying for bees on the deck above me because they were starting to build a hive. When I was finished, I noticed that a lot of the chemical was on my deck flooring and when I looked down I could see that some was on yours too. So I didn't know if your cats went outside at this point but just in case I wanted to thin out the chemical on your decking so I just put water on it. Once it dries it should be fine and the cats won't be affected. But I don't know if my doing that stressed them out. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Call me if you have any questions. Talk to you later."

LOVE YOU, New Neighbor! Cingular, not lovin' quite so much!

Though I do think I'll be using "so I just put water on it" as my new catchphrase nowadays. Just cracks me up!

"Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah. So I just put water on it!" (heh)

(yeah, I know. I'm easily amused. What can I say?? :))

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Uhhh, I'll pay you $5 to keep them.

HOLY COW! Y'all aren't gonna believe this! Check this out.........

This is a coffee table and two end tables for sale today on Craigslist. Do you KNOW how much the seller is asking for them??!!! Can you guess??

Did I hear a $100? How about $10? Or maybe a whopping $225??

Well, y'all would be so far off. Take your guess and add in the cost of a condo in North Carolina and you'd be closer.

They are asking a whopping SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for those hideous pieces of furniture. Can you believe that? I mean, truly ... IF they were worth that amount why the hell are they being sold on Craigslist?! Don't you think a rare furniture dealer should be handling the sale? Maybe Christie's? Something!

SHEESH! Some people's children, I tell ya.

I will say this for those tables though ... they would go awful nice with that $3700 couch set, dontcha think??! :)

p.s. To the seller of this "pretty yellow dresser" ....

I'll give you the "dresser" part of that subject header. But "pretty" ... oh no, no, my friends. That ain't pretty. And trying to dress up your sales pitch by also calling it "shabby chic" is just too much. I know "shabby chic" ... and that ain't it. "Shabby", yes. Not a "chic" in sight.

I mean, don't get me wrong, this dresser certainly has "very cute" potential. I love the lines of it. And if I had the time or the gumption I'd take on refinishing it myself if it was actually a quality/sturdy dresser. But as is ... I wouldn't be surprised to see this sitting on someone's curb with a "free" sign on it. I mean, seriously, does that drawer even close???!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Been working so hard, out punching my card

So last Friday I took a night off from ... well, moving in, unpacking, painting, spending money, worrying .. ya know, pretty much just my general state of affairs lately :) ... and decided to head over with a friend to Portland's Living Room .... more formally known as Pioneer Courthouse Square.

They do the COOLEST thing during the summer. And that is they show free movies on this big blow-up movie screen after dusk on Friday nights! They call it "Flicks on the Bricks"! Everyone just brings sand chairs, or blankets, or sits on one of the many brick stairs and kicks back to watch the show!

I went Friday and it was AWESOME! The place was absolutely packed! Vendors were set up to sell munchies. And the American Express people were even handing out free boxes of popcorn! (gotta luv free!)

I wish I had better pictures for y'all so you could see how absolutely packed this place was! And the crowd was such a hoot! There are places in this movie in which one can spot men's bare naked arses during a locker room scene and all the girls in the audience hooted whenever one would appear in the background! Flippin' hysterical! (err, maybe you had to be there to fully appreciate it! :))

Anyway, here's my attempt at the shot of the crowd. I was towards the front and the place was filled all the way to the columns you can (kinda) see in the back.

err, my apologies to those of you intently watching the movie Friday night who suddenly had a great flash of light go off in your eyes. Oops .. my bad!

Now my question to y'all is .... who can name this 80's movie based on this scene???

Come onnnnn, you ladies out there ... you know you know this!!!! If you don't, perhaps the title of this post helps?? :)

This Friday is the last movie showing there for the summer! Portlanders, do yourself a favor and go check it out. It's a cool community event!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Case in point

The ad on Craigslist for this couch used both the words "gorgeous" and "antique" (as well as "low profile"). And yet .... look!!!!!!!!

Is it just me, or do y'all not think that the word "hideous" should have been in there somewhere?! Just sayin' is all.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I need to get out more!

Because y'all ... I am shopping for home furnishings and accessories, etc and finding the weirdest stuff! (Seriously, God bless Craigslist!)

Take, for instance, this:

Which is Oh So Wrong on SOOO many levels. But my main issue being ..... ewwwww. How unsanitary! I can't imagine the bacteria partying in that there seat cover. Cuz, bad enough it's on the lid .... but on the seat as well! To SIT ON??!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH! The Monk in me will have nightmares about that one.

This, on the other hand, is sheer brilliance! And I never knew these existed! It's like a litter box for dogs!

And it has a tray at the bottom that is removable so the urine can be dumped. AND ... once your dog is potty trained with it using the real sod they provide, you can switch to a synthetic grass that doesn't need to be watered and continually replaced! It's brilliant, I tell ya ... brilliant!

Of course, they also had this picture on the site which just cracks me up! Can you just see the snarl on the dog's face. It's like .... "do you MIND ... I'm trying to go potty here!"

So you don't think I've got toilets on the brain today, I also found this!

Which, don't get me wrong, I LUV me the papassan chairs. However, I take issue with that fabric. And that the folks in their ad say they paid $125 for it! $125! Are ya kiddin' me?! That means they bought it with that fabric ON PURPOSE. And paid retail! I mean, if it's $10 at a yard sale and you plan to throw a blanket over it then MAYBE ... otherwise .... not so much.

Of course, I'm not sure why I'm so surprised. I've been looking for a dining room table and clicking with hopeful anticipation (ie "will this be the one"???) on Craigslist ads with subject titles such as "Drop dead gorgeous dining room set!" and "Elegant Wood Dining table" only to find utter CRAP! I mean, I can find nicer stuff in dumpsters, folks ... what the HELL are these people thinking?? That's false advertising, I tell ya! The same goes to the folks who willy-nilly throw out the term "antique" and "vintage" and "beautifully aged". Damn you, people! I'm wasting clicks on your ads! Call a "spade" a "spade". Or, as is generally the case, a "piece of crap" a "piece of crap"!! Because that's what I'm finding!!!

Ah well, on a better note ... I am moved in! I have a "new" car! My new laptop is (still) up and running. Nothing broke this weekend (whoo hooo!). I have finally had a chance to start painting! And last, but certainly not least, T1 and her hubby had a healthy and beautiful baby boy! Whoo hooooo! And for all I hope to have pictures soon!

Hope everyone else is doing great!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's official ... The Universe hates me!

Either that or It just figured that we weren't quite even yet. Because .... have y'all noticed that my theory about having my computer up and running by late Saturday so I could update y'all on the move didn't quite pan out??? Anyone?

Uh yeah.

Now one might think that that was because I was so happily ensconced in my new condo, all moved over, set up, and unpacked, that I was too busy idly sitting on my back deck enjoying the view
while sipping margaritas that blogging didn't even occur to me.

If so, one would be wrong.

The more likely scenario would be that even though I had the MAJORITY of my crap (and boy howdy ... I didn't realize just how much crap I own) moved over ... not all was. And so the move continued over until Sunday.

But, regardless, come Saturday night, even with me and the cats trying to navigate amongst all the boxes of crap, and too tired to see straight, STILL felt the need to get the computer system up and running. (ya know, priorities!)

Now Buck had set the majority of it up Saturday afternoon for me so all I had to do was locate the power cord and plug it in. Which I did. So man was I EXCITED. Turned that puppy on, the lights came on, it started booting, I sit back pleased as punch, when suddenly I hear........."ZAP, crackle, crackle, pshhhhhhhh". Which was followed immediately by a dead computer and the distinct scent of burning electronics.


Chalk another one up for The Universe.

Sigh. So my "spare" time the last couple of days went to locating a new computer as opposed to unpacking and/or finding a new car (which I'm still working on).

I mean, don't get me wrong. My computer was older and was just a desktop. And I've been wanting a laptop so that me and my lazy ass can sit on my couch watching movies or whathaveya while happily surfing the net. However, the unexpected expense did not amuse me. At all. Ya know, because I seem to be having quite a few "unexpected expenses" nowadays.

Oh well, the good news is that at least The Universe provided me with two young hot studs to schlep boxes for me during the move. With my luck lately I was expecting Joe Buttcrack and friend to show up Saturday morning. So that was good at least, right? Right?! I don't know if it was New Laptop Expense Good .... but it was good nonetheless. And had I been able to figure out where I had packed my camera, I'da snapped a picture or fifty to share. But alas, you'll just have to trust me on this one. :)

Okay, back to looking for a car. Errrr ... I mean ... back to work! Back to work!!! :) More to tell later.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Where's the Tylenol??

Alright, folks. Here's the latest:

The movers are scheduled to arrive tomorrow at my house at o'dark hundred hours (the only time they could fit me in)

However, I have not finished packing.

Also, I spoke to the hardwood floor guys this morning and they were "planning" on being finished with the hardwood flooring installation into the condo by "5 or 6" tonight. Even though the installation part of the hardwood flooring was going to take "two days" ... and they started on Tuesday.

I have carpet cleaners scheduled to clean the condo carpets this afternoon which means instead of being at my house packing after work today ... I will be waiting around a condo filled with workerbees (hence, I won't be able to use the time productively to clean it!) for the carpet guys to show "sometime between 3pm - 6pm". Sigh.

I am ignoring the fact that I need to do something about the rock chip in the rental car. (*sticks fingers in ears and closes eyes tight* ... "la la la ... I don't see or hearrrrr youuuuu")

And to top it all off, the insurance company left me a message saying that they are considering my car a "economical total loss". And they offered me a settlement. Which I'm attempting to negotiate. But, regardless, now that the settlement offer is out there, they will only cover the cost of the rental car for 5 more days. Which means, I really should buy a car this weekend. You know, in my "spare" time!

Have I mentioned that I haven't finished packing?????

Ah well, the good news in this is that ..... my garage door remote works! Whoo hoooo! :)

Send good thoughts! (or perhaps alcohol?? :))

p.s. The HOPE is that the move goes flawlessly (hey, I heard that snickering!) and my computer is up and running again by noon tomorrow. However, based on my recent run of luck, you may next hear from me on Wednesday ... when I go back to work and have access to that computer! Just sayin'! :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sometimes you've just gotta laugh.

That's right, Mr Universe ... I said "laugh"!

So I'm driving my rental car into work this morning, when I hear "WHACK". With a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I scan the windshield and find this:

Huge rock chip in windshield

So I just started laughing. Because really, what are you going to do?

(Well, I know what I SHOULD do. And that's invest in a really good helmet, I'm thinkin'. And maybe some knee and elbows pads! And y'all might want to keep at least a 100 feet away from me for awhile. Ya know, for your own protection. Because it looks like I may be in for one wild ride! :))

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hookah ... get your hookah here!

The Condo Seller is gone!!! It's official!!!! Whoo hooooooo! :)

But it wasn't easy. Here's the scoop:

So ya know how I said he was supposed to be out at noon on Saturday?? Uh yeah. Here is his idea of "being out of the condo by noon on Saturday".

I get a phone call from my realtor around 11:30 am Saturday morning ....

R.A.: "I've got some good news and some bad news."

Me: "Ruh roh"

R.A.: "The good news is that The Seller says he is out of the condo and the keys are under the mat."

Me: (*insert stunned pause*) "What? .....really??"

R.A.: "The bad news is that he couldn't find anyone to help him move so he just put everything into your garage and doesn't quite know when he can get it out of there. He thinks maybe that won't be today."

Me: "Are you KIDDING ME???!!"


I mean, how bizarre is that, folks?!! The man was able to move the stuff all the way to the garage (it isn't attached to the condo) and yet for some bizarre reason can't walk it an additional 5 feet to the back of a Uhaul truck?! Explain the logic in that one to me, would ya please?!

Anyway, I was so tied up trying to coordinate a rental car (see: Curveballs) and a towing company to take my car to a repair shop that I didn't have time to get over to the condo til about 6pm anyway. So I didn't pitch too much of a hissy fit. Just told my realtor to get HIS realtor over there to move his ass out!

Around 6pm, my friend S and I head over there. I'm praying that The Condo Seller is gone.

God apparently didn't get my memo.

We pull up and find The Condo Seller shuffling stuff around in MY garage. Now folks, the dude didn't even have stuff in boxes. There was just a ton of little crap ... like knick knacks and vases and books,etc just piled haphazardly around. WTF?

He spots me (GAHHHHHHH) so comes over to chat. Well, I say "chat" but really it was just to whine at me about how he's having anxiety attacks and couldn't clean the place (sigh) and how he really tried to be out but he called 5 different friends and they all gave him excuses as to why they couldn't help him move (there's a shock?!). But he swears up and down he's doing his best. He also assures me that the condo IS indeed moved out and good to go.


So S and I head to the condo and on initial inspection it does look moved out. Dirty ....but moved out. Until I made the mistake of opening drawers, cupboards, dishwashers and the fridge. GAHHHHH!

Folks, there was STUFF. And a lot of it was just crap. But some I decide to take up to the seller and plop it down right outside the garage and say "here". Much to his dismay. (hehehe). The rest of it I planned on trashing ... but left it for the time being since I was in NO HURRY to touch it.

Ya know, like the loofah sponge thingy that was still hanging in the shower (ARGHHHHHH).

Or the nasty bath mat which sits in front of the toilet! (
*insert major heebie-jeebie shudder*)

Or the suspicious looking green stuff found in baggies in the fridge. This COULD be say ...oregano ...

... or MAY have belonged with this item ....

... which I found in the storage closet.

Either way, it is now in the dumpster ... hopefully without any of my fingerprints on it! ;)

Anyway, S and I left everything be. I could have insisted The Condo Seller get his butt back in there and remove all that crap himself. But, not only was he looking completely haggard, the bottom line was that I simply didn't want to give him a reason to go back in there! WHO KNOWS how long it would have taken him to finish the job!

p.s. I received a phone call from my realtor on Sunday morning saying that The Condo Seller had called his realtor around midnight to say he was out of the garage! So I am officially Condo Seller Free. Even had the locks changed on Sunday (he only gave me one of the keys! GRRR!). Halle-frickin'-lujah!!!!