Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sock Saga Update

Because I know y'all were on pins and needles just wondering how The Sock knitting was going ;) .... here's the latest pic (and yes, thankyouverymuch ... I have figured out The Camera Lighting):

Isn't it CUTE?! It has officially reached the minimum 6 inch requirement!! Whooo hooooooo! Of course, 6 inches?!! .... not nearly enough, now is it?! Nope! Ain't nothing wrong with another inch ... or two ... or three ... or??! (wait ... where was I? ... oh right, right ... we're talking about The Socks! Got sidetracked there for a minute! ;))

So. I am thinking I will knit it to 7. Then maybe start on the second one before class Saturday so I won't forget this first part by waiting to start the second sock 3 weeks from now! (sounds like a good plan, right? But will I actually DO that??! That remains to be seen!)

Cuz life's been busy-busy. Didn't even get a chance to really knit last night because after I got home around 9pm I decided to finish reading the first Harry Potter book (yes, hi! Cuz me ... the only person to have not read the HP series! Sad, I know. Y'all won't disown me, will ya?! After all, I AM working on rectifying that problem!! ;))

So that's the latest. I am conquering The Sock! I have conquered the first Harry Potter. Whoo hoooooooo! Though I am a little concerned because The Sock looks kinda small. And I don't know if that's just because I'm paranoid because of what happened with The Hat ..... or because it REALLY is! Plus ... The Heel starts this Saturday. (Note to self: buy helmet to protect head from repeated banging into wall in frustration!) Who knows ... maybe The Sock will only ever be The Mini Leg Warmer!!!


T1 said...

Your sock is the coolest. I like the striping. And yeah you! For finishing the first HP!! Now on to number 2!

Hmm...maybe HP scarves are next on our list...

Kat said...

Yes, scarves! Easy! No ribbing! No heel! No toes! Just straight ole knitting! Where do I sign up?? :)

T1 said...

Is that your first blog spam up there?


Is nothing safe from spam??

Kat said...

I hear ya, T1! Seriously! WTF?! I deleted it which also pisses me off because I never wanted to have to delete any comments. But SPAM?!! What the hell! Not acceptable!

Buh-bye The Spam. Ya bastards!!

ms c said...

ohmygawd the sock is awesome! good job frap girl. of course, the heel....want me to send you a helmet?

and good photos of the japanese garden and i love the laughlin roundup and i hope cj is ok...i only have the energy to post once, sorry :(