Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Party Party Party

So one of my sisters (A) and I decided to head out and party my last night in HotterThanHades (aka Laughlin). I mean, it is a casino town afterall ... plenty to do, right?! Uhhhhhh ... yeah. We tried casino after casino and the best entertainment we could muster turned out to be the games we created ourselves. For instance:

  • I Spy ...... Someone in the Casino Without Grey Hair.

    Sounds easier than it is. Because ....seriously..... anybody under 70 here?? ANYBODY?! EEESH!
  • Can you show me Uranus?

    Okay, my sister J said we should check out this one casino's bar that had planets on the ceiling because they had really good drinks. So my sis A and I are wandering that casino and can't find any bar that fits that description. So we're thinking we need to ask an employee (great to be a woman and allowed to ask directions, isn't it?! :)). Only the trick would be to see which of us had the balls to walk up to an employee and ask for directions "to Uranus" (snicker). Sadly enough we had yet to have any alcohol so neither of us won this match. ;)
  • Bartender! Bartender! Who Stole the Bartender?!

    Okay, it was bad enough that most casino bars were closed while we were out and about (and it's not like it was 3 or 4am at this point .... but a completely respectable 10 and 11pm). But the ones that were open were completely empty. Not much fun to hang out in a ghost town bar. Worse yet when you can't even find the bartender! (how crazy is THAT?!). So we had to trek loooooong and far to find a place with a bartender AND a few patrons. But we did! Because we're not quitters! That's right! ;)
  • Please Don't Kill Me, Creepy Killer Dude!

    Goal to this game: Stay alive!

    What is UP with the creepy guys here?! Seriously. Sis A and I are walking along the River Walk (a nice riverside path that runs the length of Casino Row) and stumble upon one casino and can't figure out where the River Walk continues. We some how end up walking along the second floor of hotel rooms that are motel room style (ie room doors open to the outside walkway) thinking if we come down off the far side we'll be able to pick up the path again. As we're walking, I glance in one of the rooms with the drapes open and see a stripped bed (even of mattress) and the tv on (snow). I'm thinkin', "how weird". Look in the next. Same thing. And the next. Every room that had the drapes open (and the majority did) had no bedding, a missing top mattress and the tv on. It was really, really CREEEEEEEPY! I mention it to my sister and she's all "uh yeah, just keep walking!" (in a very tight voice) (she'd just finished Frankenstein by Dean Koontz so being trapped here at The Bates Motel (as I affectionately call it!) was not a good thing So we get to the end and there is no way to the River Walk. So we had to head back .... quickly (please keep in mind that this is late at night and (another oddity) there are no people around!). Anyway, we get back to the start and figure we'll take the stairs down to the beach and try to skirt this hotel/casino that way. But unfortunately, Creepy Guy #1 shows up as we're about to head down. Sis A heads down the stairs first but I spot him so let him go in front of me so I can watch what he is doing (who me?! Paranoid?!! What makes you say that?!! :)). He is behind my sis and says "it's very dark". She doesn't hear him and thinking it is me looks behind her and asks "what did you say?". He repeats "it is dark" and adds "and kinda scary" at which point A and I look at each other and decide that The Beach Option with Creepy Guy #1 is not a good plan! I mean, WTF?! What normal guy says that?! And what the hell was he hiding in his hand?!

    Anyway, we head back (AGAIN) and dive into the casino and out the front door and through an alleyway and lo and behold we're able to pick up The River Walk again at the next casino. WHEW!

    But then we run into Creepy Guy #2. We're in the hotel elevator and press the button for our floor but somehow end up in the basement (yes, we were TO sober!). Anyway, CG#2 gets on and says "mwhahaha ... this is where we keep the dead bodies ... mwhahahaha". Uh yeah.

So just for the record for any of you planning vacations out there .... if you're looking for a place with weather HotterThanHades, enjoy interacting only with people over 70 (oh, and/or serial killers), don't mind going to bed at 9pm because that's when everything closes ... think Laughlin! Otherwise, think Vegas! Just sayin'.*

*Which isn't to say I didn't have a great time ... because I absolutely did ... but that's because I had family with whom to visit. (stories and pictures still to come). And the Colorado River can be a blast. But really ... Laughlin nightlife. What the F?!


Sis said...'s the weather. the heat brings the crazies. no one else will live here. MWHAHAHAHA.

What am I doing here? who the f*** knows.

ms c said...

so, what my post said that didn't get posted but will probably post again after i post this was:

i think your sister is right about the heat. the trailer park owners swear that all these creepy guys arrived with the "2nd hottest summer" on record in arizona which you know is pretty damb hot!

i also wrote that i thought laughlin was a party town but i mostly hang out with 70 year olds so there you go.... you know, frap girl, i was going to let my hair go grey, now i'm not so sure...

Kat said...

hehehe. You said "damb". I have yet to put "our dictionary" online so folks probably don't know where we got that. Probably wouldn't get the "looser/loser" thing either. (ah, the memories!). If'n I knew how to add pages on this blogspot I'd have a link to the dictionary for all to share. Eventually I'll get around to it! (No, no ... really! ;))

ms c said...

i think posting the dictionary is a necessity - especially for people who visit craigslist. i'm sure you'll figure out how to add pages. you could always ask one of the girl bloggers you're always stalking....