Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm Sorry, New Orleans

I woke up this morning to learn that the flooding from Hurricane Katrina has 80% of you under water. 80%!! That's horrifying! You're such a beautiful city with such vibrancy, architecture and oh the amazing food!!!

And now so many of your residents have lost absolutely everything. Some even their lives. And you know me, Big Ole Softy, when it comes to the animals. Hell, I keep tearing up thinking that right now as I write this there are so many animals that are dead, hurt, and roaming scared and abandoned. Right now. Breaks my heart.

I did receive some good news today though. One of your residents, Barbie, who housed me and my sister when we went to visit you, is alive and well. Here are a couple of excerpts from her email:

well, new orleans is under water..i was able to pick up a local broadcast yesterday and the city has been devastated. apparently there is 15 feet of water downtown, people were being plucked from their roofs and attics..i saw some aerial footage and the city looks like a swamp..water was to the middle of the second story..

we are in baton rouge with my friend bert, so we are safe,no power but safe. it will probably be a week before i can get back to the city to assess damage. our apartment is on the second floor so i am hopeful. i really don't care about my possessions but what i do care about is there is basically nothing to return to. so, we are going to decide what we will do..

i am looking at this as a new adventure..a new chapter. nothing else you can do is there?

What a great attitude, right?

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I care. And I'm sending money in an effort to help the residents and to help their animals, as well as to help those in the surrounding areas. It isn't much ... but I'm hoping that every little bit counts.

With continued good thoughts,


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