Sunday, August 28, 2005

This Just In ... We Have Sock!!!

That's right ..... WHOOO HOOOOO .... The Sock ... she is done! YAY!

SEE? Here's a pic of both my sock and T1's sock....

Look! They have heels and toes and ribbing for the cuff ... and no holes!!!! It's truly a miracle!!!!

But, but .... the even BIGGER miracle ...........are ya ready for this ..........THEY FIT!!! Holy COW, huh?!!!

(ah now ... stop with the applause ... you're making me blush!)

I was sooo excited at the end of class that I thought: "I am A Sock Genius! Master of All Socks! There is no sock I cannot conquer!"

And so I bought more sock yarn (look, isn't it pretty?) for the pair to knit after I finish Sock #2 - The Mate.

So I started immediately the knitting of Sock #2 which I figured would be a breeze what with me being the Sock Knitting Genius and all. Uhhhhh yeah. Can a person be any more wrong?!! I think not. "The Toothpick Hell of the Ribbing*" flashbacks started immediately!!! And now I'm thinking .... what's wrong with just one sock?? I mean, I'm single ... why can't my sock be??! :)

Darn** socks!!!

*The one ribbing, might I add, that is definitely not for her pleasure!!
** snicker, snicker!


ms c said...

the socks are abfab(it's hard to applaud and type at the same time). and i can't believe you threw in a condom reference. naughty girl :o)

T1 said...

I guess the condom hat is out of the question??

I did not finish sock #2 as I thought I would this weekend. You're all shocked. I can tell.

But soon! Soon! I will knit the next pair as I too thought since I am a Sock Genius I should keep on keeping on.

You DO plan on documenting the saga of the Sock Genius' eh?

Kat said...

Condom hat? Hmmm. Already have a "boob hat" (as someone called my pink hat) so the condom hat may be overkill.

And as for the Sock Saga ... much more is yet to be heard of the Sock Saga. In fact, don't be surprised if The Sock travels with me to Europe and is in the pics. Mr X and I used to do "our feet" everywhere and Steph has her half knitted sock on needles everywhere ... I may be combining the two. I made SOCK, damnit! No small feat*, let me tell you! This will be heard around the world, maybe literally! :)


T1 said...

I fully think you should have pics of the sock in Europe...say with the Tower of London and Le Tour Eiffel.

ms c said...

you know, that reminds me of the Lucky Lab Brew Pub...they have pics sent in from all over the world (and in the sea and in the air) of people wearing their tee-shirts so i like the idea of photos of the sock's (notice only 1) excellent european adventure.

d said...

"And now I'm thinking .... what's wrong with just one sock?? I mean, I'm single ... why can't my sock be??! :)"

Classic. Absolutely classic.

Love ya, Kat.


Kat said...

Love backatcha, Buckaroo.