Thursday, August 18, 2005

Portland's Japanese Garden

So I went to Portland's Japanese Gardens yesterday for a tour with some folks. It was absolutely beau-ti-mous. Peaceful, beautiful, reflective .. the whole shebang. But nothing funny happened. Not one dang thing. No one fell. No one stuck their foot in their mouth. No Attack of the Killer Koi*. Nothing! Bupkus!

So I thought ... why surely some funny will happen today that I can write about. But alas ... I am just not seeing The Funny. I think I'm too exhausted. I was up til after 1am with a sick kitty and have to leave to take her to the vet in about an hour. (please think good CJ thoughts, everybody). So, if you're just looking for The Funny, folks, just move along .... cuz there ain't nothing to be seen here! :)

BUT ... if'n you might be interested in some pics of The Japanese Gardens ... why that I can do. Here you go..... (you can just click on the image to enlarge)

Oh, and I'll see if I can track down where The Funny went into hiding later.

*Damnit. Edited. See comments.


T1 said...

So...some funny happened. Because either you meant Attack of the Killer Coy, as in coy = affectedly and usually flirtatiously shy or you meant koi, as in any of various bright-colored carp (Cyprinus carpio) of Japan and eastern Asia.

I prefer Coy. Damn those Killer Coy! You just never see them coming.

Kat said...

hehe. Yeah, I just can't shake The Dorkiness. It follows me! :)

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Though that Coy can certainly be Killer, tis true ... doesn't quite fit in with the Japanese Garden story. Will remember for later usage. Cuz really, The Killer Coy does show up often ... say with regard to The Boy ... which does Annoy ... and lead me to Ahoy ... ah The Joy .... (HA, I SLAY me! But I'll stop now!) :)