Monday, July 11, 2005

My FIRST EVER knitted hat!!!

Whoo hoooooooooo.

So now that I have ten gajillion knitted scarves ... I FINALLY finally learned how to knit a hat. (Thanks T1* for teaching me The Hat). So I just finished and had to show ya'll the finished product!!! Isn't it BEA-U-TI-MUS??!!!

It is, right?! Whoo hooo!

I did a hat! I did a hat! I did a hat!!!!!!!

(*insert happy dance*)

But wait, what's that?... ya'll want to see a picture of it on?!!

Yeah. I'd knew you'd want that. Damn you!

FINE!!! So .......

.... I did a yamika! I did a yamika! I did a yamika!!!


(Help, T1, help!!!!)

* T1 - I was going to use your real name but I figured after you got a gander at the finished product you wouldn't want to be associated with it!!! ;)


T1 said...

I should be in bed...but no. Am reading about your hat! Yeah! But uh...where, oh where did the teacher go wrong??

I vote for frogging it and knitting something else with that yarn. It is obviously the yarns fault.

You should go get yourself some nice Rowan Big Wool. Because that is what the hat pattern says. Who are we to try and go outside the box? Knitting box that is.

Wish could send you pic of my hat. Cute! A little big. Which is why it's in the dryer on high. (Please shrink cute knitted hat!)

See ya on e tomorrow!

T1 said...

PS. Is the hat inside out? I'm just sayin'.

Kat said...

There's an "inside" and an "outside". Ruh-roh. I REALLY did something wrong. I think the "sides" went into hiding with the "stretch" cuz there ain't none of that either!


I will frog it. But I don't remember the first stitch of the cast on. I think I remember the other cast ons but how you get that second loop on the needle is going to require another tutelage.

But first I must get the new yarn. Which means another run to the yarn store. Oh darn. :)

T1 said...

Did you say yarn store? When? Now? can get the video for the cable cast-on off of Or come by for more lessons.

Also? That whole dryer thing with my hat. Did not work. Must find friend with huge noggin.

ms c said...

that hat was soooooo cute until you put it on your head. next time, just post the pic so all us in fuckin'-too-hot-to-knit-arizona can be oh so jealous! (which knitting store, btw? just askin' because maybe i'm a little homesick) (just a little)