Monday, August 22, 2005

A Happy Family?

So I'm browsing a toy store yesterday with Buck* when a toy box labeled "Happy Family" caught my eye. What's this, I ask? Is there really a toy manufacturer out there with the audacity to define what a "happy family" should be for the masses?? And does their definition really consist of only a man, a woman and a baby as it appears to?? But ... but .... a "happy family" can be made of oh so many things! How dare they!!!!

So I clambered down off my high horse to take a closer look. Turns out I was wrong. Apparently, this toy manufacturer defines a "happy family" to be a woman, some baby toys, a purse ... and a cardboard cutout of a man! That's right .... no baby ...and a cardboard cutout of a man!!! I just had to laugh.

Now if only they had tossed in a few cats and made sure her purse opened to reveal credit cards and skeins upon skeins of yarn ...I just might have had to purchase it!!! :)

*Thanks to Buck and his handy-dandy camera phone for being able to snap this picture for me. Because y'all know I do have that new itty-bitty camera that I LoveLoveLove and could fit oh so easily into any pocket. Note to self though: must actually carry camera WITH ME to use it. Sigh.


T1 said...

Is there one with just the woman, a cardboard cut out of Keanu, wine, yarn and massive amounts of shoes? Cuz, I'll take that one.

ms c said...

you and "buck" were browsing a toy store? what am i missing?

Kat said...

Hmmm, Ms C. You don't know about Buck and The Toys??


Hmmm, I think I'll leave that to Buck to clue you in.


d said...

What? Why are you harrassing me Ms. C? I like toys! I'm a Toys R Us and Kay Bee Toys Kid. I don't wanna grow up!

...if you've seen 40 Year Old Virgin, you'll find that we toy collectors are just very saavy investors. (And yes, T, I know I'm not supposed to OPEN the packages...)

Kat said...

SWEET! Thanks, Buck! I was Oh So Hoping that "40 Year Old Virgin" would get thrown out there but didn't want to be the one to do so!! (heh heh).

Really, Ms C .. you MUST see that movie if for nothing more than to see his apartment (though actually the movie itself is pretty dang funny)!

Go! Go! Go!!!! :)

ms c said...

hello children. well out here in middle-of-effin-nowhere we ain't got no movie theaters. but buck is a virgin?????????? a virgin toy collector?????? this may warrant a trip to tucson so i know what ya'll are talking about.

T1 said...

Ms C...the movie is a must. And of course I highly recommend Tucson.

Poor Buck. Although I have to say that it was not just myself who saw the uncanny resemblance...Mr. T1 did so as well. Except for maybe the whole "virgin" thing...which I really don't wanna know about.

d said...

Ouch. Not only resemblance, but "UNCANNY" resemblance. SHEESH!

I am not a virgin as all three of you ladies know (at least from my DREAMS). =)

Anyway, seriously, I actually like that character. And he takes the toy collecting to different levels. I don't define myself by that. You and Mr. T1 can just kiss my BUTT!!!