Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Laughlin Roundup

So, as promised, some pictures taken on the Laughlin Trip.

Here are some things I found odd:

When these folks say "Do Not Enter" ... they ain't joking!

Just HOW pissed off do you need to be to do this??

I spotted this while checking in at the hotel. Can anyone say "bachelor"?? (nice suitcase, buddy! Oh, and love that you had your underwear on top!!)

Prune Chili Spice? First off ... UGH! Secondly ... prunes AND chili ... is that not redundant??!

I wasn't joking about HotterThanHades.... here's the proof!:

We went to Lake Havasu one day. It was HotHotHotHotHOT!

Too hot to even set up your tent on the beach so these folks got creative.

And too hot to conduct business from anywhere but IN the water! Check out this guy. He kept making business phone call after business phone call. Never left the water the entire time we were there!!

Oh, and here's a tidbit for y'all with regard to sand in HotterThanHades weather. Are you ready?? ... okay, here it is ......" It's HOT". (in case you didn't know). So uh yeah ... when you walk across the beach in your sandals to stick your bare feet in the water and then decide you don't want to put your wet sandy feet back INTO the sandals before walking back across the sand to the sidewalk ..... PUT YOUR WET SANDY FEET BACK INTO YOUR SANDALS! Just sayin'. Otherwise ... well, let's put it this way. Have any of you ever seen the movie "10" with Dudley Moore? Uh yeah. About 10 steps into it I realized what a LAME ASS idea it was and had to bail off for the sand in the shade of a palm tree! Right behind me ... my sister ...... screeching perhaps as loud as I was! ...lol. Oh, and another tidbit for ya .... when you run the remainder of the way across the burning sand and leap with relief onto the sidewalk thinking you were safe then ..... WRONG! Ya know why?! Because the sidewalk is flippin' blistering too. Don't think it isn't. Sigh.

(good news was that my feet were dry and sandless (pretty sure all those sand granules just up and burned right off!) by the time I hit the sidewalk!! ;))


To those of you that LoveLoveLove that In-N-Out goodness ... this pic's for you!

Attack of the Killer Burros!:

So one day we went to Oatman, AZ. They've got wild burros there that come down daily from the mountains into town. The shopkeeps sell carrots that you can feed them. The following are some pics:

And before y'all get misty eyed saying "but Kat, look .. those burros .. they are sooooo cute ... especially the baby". Uh yeah. Sure they are ..........WHILE you've still got carrots (that's the key). But once you are out of The Carrots ... RUN! Just sayin'.

I'd have pictures to show you of The Attack of the Killer Burros but apparently I am not talented enough yet to take pictures while running for my life.

Bad, bad burros ... bad!!

"Classy"?? Uh ... okay:

I'm not so sure that MY definition of "classy" and THEIR definition of "classy" match. Just sayin'.

So see here. A little tank top. Not something I would buy, say ever ... but not nearly as hideous as I thought.

.... I saw the back of it! Hello? Are those REALLY made out of a pair of man's whitey-tighties???

Oh yes, they are! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, "classy". That's the word that comes to mind!!

So there you have it. The Laughlin Trip!


just sayin' said...

I made my dogs start barking because I waslaughing out loud so hard at this site. Thank you. Now pass the tissue.

Kat said...

You rock, Morgan!! Thanks so much for that feedback!

Sis said...

Hey and you forgot to take pictures of the guy's yard down the road with 4 or 5 (not just one) toilets as planters and/or lawn ornaments. Yes that is the front yard friends right on a main street. Ummm, creative or white trash? You make the call.