Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time for a knitting intervention

Folks, it's official. If you ever hear of me knitting boobs it is time to stage A Knitting Intervention. What's that? Yes, you heard me correctly. I said knitting BOOBS. B-O-O-B-S. Yes, as in "breasts".


I was just innocently surfing some free knitting patterns (what?) and stumbled across this pattern. Please note my favorite part:

"Block by dipping your boob in warm water and soap flakes, rinse and gently squeezing and shape."

(Yes, yes, what can I say?! .... often my sense of humor is on par with that of a 12 year olds!! ;))


laurie said...

Into every life, a little boob must fall. Or something.

And I always dip my boob in warm water and soap flakes, why...? Don't you...?


T1 said...

Yeah. But do you rinse, gently squeeze and shape?

Because really that's the most important part.