Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Where's My Bone?

So I'm browsing a store during my lunch hour yesterday and spot a children's book titled "Where's My Bone?". A children's book. Now, y'all know me and the way my mind works ... there was just no way I was not taking a closer look at this. Cuz really ...hello?..."Where's My BONE?". That just ain't right.

And it isn't! See?

And did ya notice?!! ....It's by "Touch and Guess". SERIOUSLY! Look, here's a closeup!!!

"Where's My Bone"? "Touch and Guess"? Can it GET any better?? It CAN! Cuz wait! ... there's MORE! That was only the front cover!!!!

Let me post the last page for y'all.

Did ya catch that?* The little Pussy ... errr, I mean, Kitten .... finding The Bone under the blankets! And then complaining cuz she has a headache .... errr, I mean ... is trying to sleep! Uh HELLO.... there is NO WAY an adult wrote this innocently. Ain't no way. Nuh-uh. Because otherwise The Goldfish would have found the bone near her bowl. Or The Parrot in her cage. Or Professor Plum in the study. Something, ANYTHING other than the female Pussy Cat finding The Bone in the bed. Uh yeah.

And to think I was surprised when I got back from lunch and tried to find this book online so I could post pictures from there. But nope ... couldn't find this book listed on the two major respectable sites I looked ( and Surprise, surprise, right??! So now I own it! Yep, that's right ... couldn't pass it up. Besides, I need a gift for a one year old's birthday this weekend! ;) (what?! Is that a problem??! ;))

*in case the pic didn't load for you .... Miss Kitten says "What's this lumpy thing under my blanket? I'm trying to sleep!" and Mr Puppy responded (happily, might I add) "Hurray. You've found my bone!". Uh yeah.

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d said...

Coolest. Book. Ever.