Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday's Non-Caffeinated (yet) Random Thoughts

So T1 and I went to (yes another) booksigning on Wednesday night. This one was for knitter and blogger and funny lady Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot. Check out her blog post for August 4th to see pictures and read her description of the signing. (Oh, and when she talks about Portland Knitters ...... she is not talking about me. Cuz yee doggie .... all the ladies there A) brought knitting with them (something which did not even occur to me!) and B) were knitting amazing things on very tiny, tiny needles (apparently they've all moved on from the garter stitch scarf!). All of which made me realize ..... I am SO not a knitter! (as if I needed further proof after the yamika incident!)).

Because Portland isn't hot enough for me (HA!), I am spending the next several days in a place I affectionately call HotterThanHades. Yeah. I don't know why. Something about spending time with family. Whatever. All I've got to say is there had better be cake!

So on the way to work today a piece of debris kicked up at me on the roadway and reminded me of yet another Past Moment of Sheer Dorkiness to share. So, one day I'm driving back to work during my lunch hour and notice a very, very low hanging branch over the roadway. I'm wondering if my car will make it underneath and think so but to ensure that the branch doesn't hit my head I duck. Yeah, hello?! I'm IN my car. My car is NOT a convertible. What the hell?!

Don't you just love those days where you've got no food for breakfast (because that would entail actual trips to The Grocery Store) and you walk in to work only to find a huge box of donuts waiting for you?

But on the flip side, don't you hate when you learn that at the same time that you are happily munching on donut(s) while browsing the morning's news headlines there are seven Russian sailors trapped in a mini sub (which is caught in fishing nets at the bottom of the ocean) with only enough oxygen for one more day and not much hope that the help being sent by other countries is going to get there in time to rescue them??! (my thoughts are with you, Russian Sailors. Please, please, please hang on!!)


d said...

The Rooskies are all ok. Good job on the thoughts on their behalf.


Liz G. said...

"I'm wondering if my car will make it underneath and think so but to ensure that the branch doesn't hit my head I duck."

But do you turn down the radio when you are lost? My dh does this every time - he might as well just leave the radio off 'cause he's always lost...