Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Knitting Update

Hat Attempt #2

Okay, so y'all remember the Yamika .... errr, I mean Hat Attempt #1, right?! If not, here's a pic of it to remind you:

Uh yeah.

So I finally decided to give knitting a hat another try (no, I don't know why).
I used the same pattern, same number of stitches (42), same number of rows (20), same size needles (11) but used a different yarn (per T1's suggestion) and tried to knit it a bit more loosely. Not a LOT more loosely, mind you .... just made sure not to tug it snugly as I tend to do when knitting normally.

The result*: (insert drum roll here)

WTF, PEOPLE??!!! SERIOUSLY! How, How, HOW is it this THIS huge?! I'm cursed, folks! Cursed when it comes to knitting The Hats.


The Sock Update

But the good news is .... I turned the heel on The Sock! Whoo hooo! Now, it won't be winning any "Best Of" awards I realize .... but there is actual HOPE now that it may BE a sock when I am finished. (knock on wood).

And thanks to T1 for requesting the pic on yesterday's comments. Of course, don't think I don't realize she did so with The Mocking. That's because she's vying for Teacher's Pet and actually FINISHED her sock ... even though our final class in which we are to learn how to do the toe is not til next Saturday. But no, no ...... she went ahead and finished it! Curses to you, Ms ShowOff. Curses! (There's always gotta be ONE in the class, doesn't there?!). Sigh. ;)

*don't think I don't know I look like a thug in this. Hatin' the picture but only posting it outta love for all y'all so you can see The Hat#2. That's right ... brownie points to me. (ooh, "brownie"? Hmmm, maybe just Brownie to me ... and y'all can keep The Points!! :))

1 comment:

T1 said...

Mocking?! How dare you insinuate that I would mock you. I'm just prompting you to post pics that your blog-fans wanna see.

And I wouldn't say I am so much aiming for Teacher's Pet as impatient to finish the sock project. Now...if I have the second sock finished by Saturday...and the scarf for the SF and possibly another project...then you may use The Mocking. But please serve it with a side of caffeine...because I will need it.