Friday, September 30, 2005

The Sock Does NYC, London and Paris

Okay, folks. After much searching ..... and after much wasted time attempting to buy a new one ... and, of course, after much cussing, I have finally found The Battery Charger. Hallelujah and praise the Lord!!!!!

I found it cowering under my bed. Yes, there seemed to be mumblings of "please don't make me go to Europe where they use higher voltage .... please God no". Pathetic, really. I showed it itself in a mirror so it could see the word "Charge" emblazoned across its front and explained that "Charge!" was a battle cry of fearless warriors who would never fear something as silly as a "higher voltage". But alas, it was having none of that! Insipid little twit.

Ah well.

The good news is that it is unafraid of working its hiney off here in The States. So work it I did. And now ... we have a working camera! Whoo hooo!

So, without further ado ... here are the pictures that The Sock wanted to share with you of its trip. Other non-sock photos to be posted in later blog entries.

The Sock with The Statue of Liberty:

The Sock at Rockefeller Center:

The Sock with the Manhattan Skyline (taken from the Staten Island Ferry):

The Sock at the top of the Empire State Building:

The Sock saying "please God ... stop with the STAIRS":

The Sock at the NY Stock Exchange (The Sock thought this was the NY SOCK Exchange and was hoping it could swap one of my plain sneaker socks (that also came along for the trip) for something a little more Manhattanite. But alas ... was not meant to be. Poor da Sock):

The Sock with Big Ben and Parliament:

The Sock with Tower Bridge:

The Sock with the Eiffel Tour:

The Sock having a picnic in the park at the base of the Eiffel Tour. Wine, bread and cheese. Mmm mmm mmmm.

The Sock with Whistler's Mother at the Musee De Orsay:

The Sock with Tony, the hot Brazilian bartender in Paris. (sorry the picture is so blurry but I was laughing so hard taking it because I kept hearing Buck mumbling "please God, put. The. Sock. away! Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't do it!!"

The Sock exhausted and waiting to board the plane home:

Sweet home Oregon-a. The Sock with the "Welcome to Oregon" sign:

And there ya have it ... The Sock's Excellent European Adventure!!!


T1 said...

It's like Amelie...only it's a sock.

And really I think the sock was looking for it's mate at the NYSE. It's lonely.

Please. For the love of knitting. Give the sock a mate!

ms c said...

ohmygawd...that is hysterical. esp the ny sock exchange. did you feel a little silly setting up the sock for photo shoots? i mean, were there other people around? and thanks a lot for the blurry photo of the hot brazilian bartender!

Liz G. said...

Thanks for the giggles...I needed them today!

Kat said...

Ms C-

Feel silly?... uh YES! Especially the one in the Musee De Orsay of Whistler's Mother. Weren't no way to do that one on the sly!

Oh, and stayed tuned for pic of even HOTTER French bartender. Ah amore ... I'm in lust ... err, love. Whatever. I have video but it's too big to send to anyone! WAAAAAAAAA!