Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Greetings from New York City

Hey all!!!

Greetings from New York City! I have much to share with you but unfortunately can't upload pictures so the full stories will need to wait. But there will be mentions of things such as:

Good God, The Trash!
Fuckin' Kids!
I'm a Geek!
"Budget" Hotel or "Shithole" ... you decide!
Oh the Stairs!
And of course, The Sock Does Manhattan!

Off to London tonight! More later!


Sis said...

Woo hoo! Glad to hear that you made it to NY and survived your "budget" hotel. I hear they have cleaned up that area some in the years since I have been there, but frankly I doubt it. :o)

I want to hear all about the seedy hotel, and hey did you catch a movie down there (wink, wink)?

Can't wait for the details! Have fun!

P.S. Don't forget -- I expect many many chocolate details from Paris. Scientifically speaking of course, you must try many different kinds of French chocolate and let me know your absolute to-die-for favorite. If you eat it in the interest of scientific research and all, then the calories don't count (didn't you know that?)!

And the Louvre -- Good Lord! Please please please send me a postcard from the Louvre so that I can touch and sniff something that has touched the Louvre. You are going to the Louvre, right?

Chocolate AND art all in one trip, oh heaven.

Oh, and London. I can't believe your damn SOCK is luckier than I am.

ms c said...

yippeeeee!!!! you wrote! you made it to ny! you got on the web. you actually wrote "fuck" instead of "ef" - see how travel can open up your mind....LOL. oh, and you know "fuckin' kids" are called "fucklings".

hope you and your travel companions have a fab time and i can't wait for the next post.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the blog, we are awash in anticipation.

OBTW 2 words: eight-teen

- #3

T1 said...

Aside from the trip and since maybe you had no teevee last night...JD won. I know you know what I mean. Don't act like you don't.

While Sis is eagerly awaiting chocolate and the Louvre...you know I wanna hear about yarn. And okay...also the Art...and shoes...of course.

And definitely some French HottieHot. Preferably with pictorial evidence.

Ms C - love "fucklings" new favorite word. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Travel safely girlie. Hope London is fantastic. Going to Paris again vicariously through you so have a fantabulous time. Can't wait to hear the tales...T

Kat said...

Speaking of chocolate, just enjoyed a chocolate and banana crepe from a Parisian street vendor before popping into the cyber cafe. MMM MMM MMM :)