Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is scary

I only have one contact in today, folks. Yep, just one. You know why I only have one contact in today?? Here's my theory:

In the fraction of a second it takes to go from "having just put the left eye contact in" to "reaching down to pick up the right eye contact", I got distracted. Yep, in the fraction of a second.

And no, I don't know by what. I'm guessing it must have been something really shiny.

Because there was no smoke detector alarm screaming.

There was no phone ringing.

There was no doorbell blaring.

There was no crash of something knocked over by one of the cats.

There was absolutely bupkus, folks. And yet, here ... me ... only one contact. What the F?

Seriously, it may be time to put me down. Just sayin'.


laurie said...

hehehehe... well, then, do things look half as bad today? or half as good? ;)

T1 said...

Was it chocolate? That distracted you?

I've seen that happen.