Monday, September 12, 2005

Fast, FAST planes!

So I went to the Oregon International Airshow yesterday with a friend. I tried to take tons of pictures for all y'all of the cool jets as they flew by (go Thunderbirds!) but all I ended up with were pictures of pretty blue sky (apparently they fly f a s t and I take pictures slow! ;)).

But other than the jets that performed, my favorite performance was the U.S Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. These folks are C-R-A-Z-Y! Take for instance the first two skydivers. They jumped outta the plane, started the smoke coming off their feet so we could see them, shaped their bodies to be as aerodynamic as possible and dove away from each other until they were a quite a distance apart .... and then dove straight AT EACH OTHER ... each traveling at 180mph*! See? I've included a picture to show you!

(What?? What do you mean that's not a real photograph?!!! FINE! (hrmph). So apparently I'm not so quick at snapping photos of fast traveling people either.)

But really. 180mph heading straight at someone. I'm not sure of The Math and all (shut it ... yes I DO have a college minor in mathematics) but I'm thinking if person A leaves the plane traveling 180mph and person B leaves the plane traveling at 180mph and they collide at Point X. That equals "dead". Pretty sure.

Anyway, something that wasn't moving so fast that I couldn't take a picture of it was Grandpa (well, not MY Grandpa but surely someone's Grandpa). Take a gander at these suspenders! What a hoot, eh??

Huh? Spotted this booth at the airshow as well.....

Now, if I didn't know that the result of my inquiry to the person manning this booth would have been "you are not going to heaven if you were to die right now ... but if you give me loads of money and become a member of my cult then you'll at least have a chance!" I would have approached to see what the two questions were!

Other than that ... lots of sun, lots of fun ... and lots of men in uniform. Which really made for quite a good day!! I highly recommend it!! ;)

*now normally I thought skydivers traveled at 120mph but the "180mph" is a direct quote from the announcer ... so if it's wrong ... blame him! (however, really ... 120mph+120mph still equals "dead" I'm thinkin'!)

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