Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hello, people?! .. are ya CRAZY?!

Why? Why is there so much of The Craziness?? I just don't get it. Here are a couple I spotted today.....

Alleged Drunk Driver Jumps Into Back Seat

"CANBERRA, Australia Sep 12, 2005 — An allegedly drunk driver stunned pursuing police in northern Australia by jumping into the back seat with his three passengers, leaving his car to careen out of control on an Outback road, police said Monday."

"Jenkinson said the driver's hazardous maneuver was aimed at avoiding arrest.

'His cunning plan, in his muddled state of mind, was he wouldn't be the driver,' Jenkinson said."

[Right. Because, yeah, The Police ... they won't notice you jumping into the back seat. Nope. They'll just think the car was magically driving itself. Good plan, Drunk Guy. And safe too, might I add! Nice of you to risk the lives of your friends like that. Sheer brilliance!! Bravo! Surprised it didn't work.]

Charged With Statutory Rape in Nebraska After Marrying Pregnant 14-Year-Old Girlfriend in Kansas

"Sept. 13, 2005 -- In May, Matthew Koso married his girlfriend, Crystal, who was pregnant with their child. But the new father and husband may soon be separated from his family and sent to prison. His crime? Koso is 22; Crystal is 14."

"Matthew first met Crystal through her half-brother, and they began dating in the fall of 2003 when he was 20 and she was 12. [hello, parents? Where are ya??] She was 13 when she became pregnant and 14 when she married Matthew in Kansas, one of only a few states that allows children as young as 12 to marry with parental consent.

'At that time, our options were limited,' said Matthew's mother, Peggy Koso. 'It was either abortion, which was well past due; adoption, which was out of the question; and then it was to marry her, which we thought was the right thing to do.' [uhhhhhh, adoption was out of the question but having your 14 year old marry a pedophile (and probably a soon-to-be convicted felon) to raise the baby wasn't?? What color is the sky in your world again??]

Falls City, Neb., is a town of 4,600 about 100 miles south of Omaha. Crystal described it as a place of few opportunities.

'Here in Falls City you have two choices: go get drunk or high and die in a car accident or of an overdose, or go get pregnant,' she [the bride] said. 'So which is the wrong choice?' [thinking those are your only two choices, I'm thinkin'. How about .... NOT go get pregnant and DON'T do drugs? I vote we throw that in there as Option C. But I'm crazy like that.]

From Time Magazine:

Yak-skiing in Manali, India

(A person on skis and holding a bucket of nuts is attached to a yak by a long rope fixed to a pulley on a hilltop, with the yak near the top and the skier far below. The skier rattles the bucket loudly to infuriate the yak, which then charges down, yanking the skier rapidly uphill.)

[What the hell, people?? That takes a whole 'nother kinda crazy. The special kind]

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