Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Weekend Oddities

And this little piggy went diggin'.......

So, while shopping one day I spotted this statue:

My first thought: "what the hell is it??".

But once I determined that it was indeed a pig (you may need to just trust me on this one) I thought, "my, wouldn't that be a conversational piece".

So I picked it up to take a closer look and thought: "why is its one arm behind its back?".

And so I turned it around.

HELLO??! Did someone REALLY make a statue of a pig which is picking its behind???

Yes! YES they did! My next thought (granted, this is an obvious one): "But WHY???????"

Portland: The Big Little City:

Happened to be walkin' by and caught this sign! It reminded me so much of the movie 'Vegas Vacation' with Chevy Chase. Did y'all see that one? Cuz ya know, the part where he goes with Cousin Eddie to the local casino to find games like: War, Guess What Number I'm Thinkin Of, etc.

Well right here in good ole Portland we've got us a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament! That's right! How's that for 'high-falutin'??!!

Now, had they partnered that with a Go Fish tournie, I just might have had to enter!

Introducing The World's Shortest Skirt!

I don't think I've ever seen a shorter skirt. EVER! Seriously! I mean, this skirt is SO short .....(how. short. is. it???) ....that not only would my ass hang out the bottom but so would my boobs!*

But the oddest thing:

But the oddest thing was catching Emma looking cute!

Of course, Da Evil was back immediately after I snapped the picture. Apparently, she's not real keen on a flash going off unexpectantly in her eyes. Who knew??!! :)

Hope y'all had a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!

*Now, to the people I know: consider this a Preemptive Hush-It with regard to this boob comment. I don't need any Peanut Gallery comments, such as: "but, Kat, your boobs aren't big enough to hang out the bottom of even a mini halter top let alone a mini skirt!". I know this. It was just a jokie. Consider it Creative License, okay? :)


Sis said...

You know how much I love kitties -- 2 and counting so far! -- and all. But I have to say that Emma looks a bit evil in that picture no matter what her mama says. Those eyes are saying, "Look into my eeeeyyyeeeeeeesss. I will hypnotize you and then I will kiiiilllll you. Don't you see it?" Either that or she just ate a little birdie. I'm just saying. Love the evil head-bumping kitty though.

Hi Emma; I'm your auntie so be nice to me when I come visit you, and I'll remember to sleep with one eye open.

d said...

I'm with Sis, that cat is purr evil anyway you slice it. LOL