Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Random Ponderings

  • What do the Chinese Fortune Cookie Gods mean with this fortune they gave me recently??
  • "The moment you were born, a problem was solved"
  • What is up with me and purling?? Man, what a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e! I'm down to the heel flap on Sock#2 - The Mate in which every other row needs to be purled. So I managed to do one ... yes ONE ... purl row last night. When I came to the next purl row I couldn't endure the torture. At this rate ... I should be done with Sock#2 - The Mate by the year 2010!

  • Why - oh why- was the host of Rock Star INXS wearing a negligee last night to mc the show? Really.

  • Why can't I find Adam Ant's "Stand and Deliver" song out there on the internet? I mean, I KNOW I could just buy the cd. But I'm just sayin' ... I just need this one song right now. Just the one. Must listen to. Can't find it. Legally or illegally! BAH!

  • Who got me started on the Harry Potter book series?? Because really, y'all know I can't put down a book once I'm into it. So last night ... nothing got done. Just reading. I'm on book 4. Y'all suck. That I'm actually showered and here at work instead of at home finishing the book took great Herculean effort ... don't think it didn't.

  • Is it wrong that my new favorite quote of the week "I am the life of my party" I got from my Dittie's thong pantyliner backing??

  • Will I be too embarrassed to have a new man stay the night now that I have a new habit of asking my cats if they are ready "to go night-night" when I'm getting ready for bed?

  • Should I not have blogged about the "night-night" bit?

  • What about the thong pantyliners??

  • Is blogging while feeling shameless the same as grocery shopping while you're hungry?


T1 said...

1. Don't know how to help you with the purling. It's easier with bigger yarn??

2. That chick on Rockstar was wrong. She will be on Worst Dressed somewhere. But JD...oh so right!!

3. HP....tee hee!!

4. Can't believe you bought Ditties!!

5. Put down the Frappuccino.

Sis said...

Now that's why we love you! What the hell is a Ditties?

Kat said...

Ditties are a brand of feminine products described (on their website) as "tampons, pads and pantiliners that are as fun and stylish as they are reliable and trustworthy". Cuz all y'all girls know that periods are ALL about the fun!


Personally, I'm just in it for their tampon bowling game. ;) Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

OMG! And I still can't manage to not call my flip-flops thongs.

Those were the days...when sandals were sandals and we didn't worry about Ditties for our thongs. :-)


Liz G. said...

#1. Don't try to purl while reading HP - definitely will cause problems...

#2. Who the heck needs "Fun" and "stylish" feminine products???

#3. Have a great weekend!