Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This New Orleans thing is bad, folks. B-A-D. And it is getting worse. The Ugly is coming out in folks. Looting. Robbing medical facilities. Shooting at rescuers. And the straw that broke the camel's back with me today ..... the gas stations in other states charging $6 per gallon (national average being $2.61 approx) for gasoline. I was Pissed (yes, that's Pissed with a Capital P).

How DARE all these people not only take advantage of this HORRIBLE situation .... but make it so much worse. Do y'all know that the police force in New Orleans has been called off of search and rescue (as in "saving lives") because the looters are becoming so aggressive that they can no longer be ignored????? Hello? Does no one else have a problem with this??

And so I was frustrated. And bummed. And helpless to do anything about it (number one priority being to Bitch Slap these Folks With The Ugly and yell "WTF do you THINK you are DOING??? WHY??? Seriously, WTF?????? S-T-O-P I-T!!!!!")

But then I realized that there must be a lot of good going on too. Heroic rescues. Strangers helping strangers. That sort of thing. And so I consulted with Craigslist. And I have found The Good. In fact, there were soooo many to choose from that I am only including a very tiny sampling. Seriously. VERY TINY SAMPLING.

2br - Offer of free townhome to Katrina victims only
We have a 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhome in Marathon Fl available immediately through December 15th for any victims of Katrina who truly need it. This unit is fully furnished, sleeps 4 and it would be our honor to help someone out who needs it.

2br - Want to help a family with hurricane losses...
Will provide resources for family to start over. Up to 2 adults and 2 kids. Must be willing to relocate to Pittsburgh area (we can transport you).

I do animal rescue in the Portland, Oregon area, and I'm willing to foster up to 3 cats/kittens

Free. Seattle. I can probably get you here
I'm looking for a person displaced by the catastrophe who would either like a new start in a beautiful city or at least a few month break while things settle down. I have a room to offer and, depending on where you are, can probably get you here as well.

Let me know if I can help

3Br. Basement Apartment for Katrina Victims Only
3 Bedroom Apartment in Knoxville, Tennessee Available to Victims of Katrina. It is unfurnished, but we will find furniture for you, if necessary. Available through December if needed at no cost to you (free)

KATRINA: house available free

Will send items wherever needed
I have dolls, teddy bears, some women's clothing, kitchen gadgets, some blankets, towels, etc. I can send wherever they are needed, if you can provide an address. If you can read this, you are among the fortunate with Internet access. Even if you don't need something, ask around to those who can't get online and see what they need and post it. I'll do whatever I can.

2br - New Chicago Condos Available for KATRINA Survivors

FREE.. a new start in Boston!!!!! Katrina victims

I can help contacting your family by phone

Free food and shelter, with jobs in Rhode Island. KATRINA folks only
Free food and shelter to family with babies and/or children. Job opportunities for their parents. (2 huge national companies nearby just started hiring 500+ people for new office positions.) Pets welcome. Stay for up to a year.

California family will foster your dog: Katrina victims only, please

We have room for you in our home...will pick up [these people live in California!]
We want to help!! We have room for family, single parent family, or individual children. No Rent. We can come get you. Will also help you contact friends and family.

Can Email and Phone For You - Anywhere in US / Canada

Need something? Ask I'll see what I can do
I'm in Virginia, but I want to help any way possible. If you need anything, please just ask. If it's too big for me to handle - I'll get more people involved. May even be able to offer a bedroom. Diapers, water, formula, clothes, bus ticket, toothbrushes, anything.

Pet Care For Volunteers [this is an awesome way you can help from your own home]
If any volunteers going to help Katrina victims could use help with their Philly-staying pets, I'd be happy to help. I'm in downtown Philly.

Pilot and Small Airplane Available for Relief
Can use for Disaster Relief

Want to help - let us know how

You rock, Good People! You ROCK! Thank you!

And Katrina Victims, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I can pet sit for local volunteers, I can help contact people for you, I've got a spare room (errr, though you'd probably want to not be allergic to yarn and cats .... oh, and probably, maybe, just sayin' and all ... a few dust bunnies! ;)).


d said...

Those're awesome notices, Kat. Thanks for sharing.

And double HEX from me on the bad eggs out there!

Anonymous said...

I think they are rationing the gas to east coast states. Supply/Demand, shouldn't be a shocker that prices rise in with a shortage in gas. Look out for 3.50 out here if we have another major hit on production

Kat said...


My beef is with people taking advantage of this tragedy.

Understandable: Breaking into stores because you NEED water and food.
Unacceptable: Breaking into stores because you want "free" shit.

Understandable: A gas station charging more because they have to.
Unacceptable: A gas station charging 'more than more' simply because they can.

That's all I'm sayin'.

ms c said...

hey frap girl, thanks for sharing the good. this may be happening in other places but i just found out today that some organization is working to relocate 1,000 "refugees" to tucson, and the rv park i'm at is donating a trailer and has even secured employment for the person(s) who come here. amazing how a tragedy can bring out both the worst and the best.