Saturday, September 24, 2005

Greetings from Paris!!!!

Having a grand time! Beautiful city - fabulous art - fab fashions - crappy keyboards. :)

Trying to type this in a cyber cafe near Notre Dame but these keyboards are driving me crazy! They seem to have taken the letters I use most and shuffled them around. Punctuation too. So I have to keep stopping and backspacing to retype.

For instance, you may or may not recognize the following sentence:

The auick brozn fox ju,ped over the lqwy dog;

See? I typed that using the keystrokes I'm accustomed to. They change the keys around just enough on ya to let you get rollin' ...then screw with ya!!!! ;)

Anyway, The Sock visited both The Louvre and The Musee de Orsay today. Loved both. It's not quite as tired as I am. Cuz man, are my dogs barkin'!!!! ;)

More later.


Lizze said...

Are you going to London? :)

Kat said...

yes, in between NY and Paris was London. LOVE IT!!!! Pop back over there for a day before returning home (it was a crazily designed trip!) :)

ms c said...

Bon jour mon amee (or is it amie?) is so nice to get an update on your travels. do we have to wait until you get home to see the sock-in-paris pix?

Lizze said...


Kat said...

Yeah ... sorry, Ms C. These cyber cafes are pretty fickle about folks loading stuff onto their PCs. Plus, even if I could get the pics to the pc then I would have to download a program to upload the pics from the pc to my blog. So it's a no-go. :{

BUT ... soon! :}

goodgirl036 said...

No Johnny sightings??? Hmmmmm, maybe you can lure him out with an eclair. : ) ditto on the postcard from the Louvre. Next time you will have to ditch the guy and bring the sisters...I vote for Italy or Greece or Paris. What do you think???

Kat said...

I vote for Greece! And with the sisters is cool .... but what about The Sock? :)