Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good vs Evil

Okay, so I may have mentioned once or twice (or a gajillion times!) already how much I adore my kitty CJ. I have also alluded to having another cat .... "the other one" as I so lovingly call her. So ... I was thinking that this favoritism needed some explaining ...

So ... here's my kitty Emma. Cute right?

She looks pretty...maybe even a tad .... oh I don't know ... loving and adorable ... Right? Riggggghhhht. Don't be fooled, peeps ... don't be fooled.

So first picture = cute. Kitty is relaxed (minus the one claw she has already poking into my chair upon my approach). But really ...she's just sacking out. Now take a gander at picture two!

Okay,in this picture (and remember folks ... ALL I did here was snap ONE picture prior to this) notice all claws out on both paws (my poor chair) and notice tail position ... it is mid-irritated-twitch. Yep, here come da evil.

So, I'm a good kitty mom (heh) and didn't want da Emma evil to get fully unleashed so I moved up to her to give her a QUICK (ie 1/2 second.. I SWEAR) pet on the head and leave when ......... (see picture three)....


She unleased the evil kitty paw on me (notice claws OUT ).
And LOOK AT THAT FACE, people!!

Angry, ANGRY kitty. (Undoubtedly because she MISSED me when she swiped at me!) Damn cat!

So I leave her ... walk into the kitchen ... and there (aaaaahhhhh) I find this:

I mean, JUST LOOK at HOW CUTE!!! No evil. Not one iota. Just that "hello mom. here I stand in front of the fridge ... how about some turkey?!" . ("why CERTAINLY my little baby, baby, baby ..... coochie coo") (yes, it's a sickness .. shut it!)

So let's recap, shall we??

Cute. Nay, dare I say it? ..... ADORABLE!!

Evil. "I'm gonna kill ya tonight in your sleep (mwahahahahaha)!"

Baby CJ ....... OMG CUTE!

Satan in white fur!!

Ta da. Now you're all up to date.


d said...

Your cats rawk. Even the evil one. I think I speak for all your readers when I saw, keep the pictures coming! =)

Kat said...

"ALL" my readers?? You mean, all TWO of you!

Now, now .. don't think I don't appreciate it! Cuz I SOO do! But YOU guys are the ones that rawk! No, You do! No, no ... YOU do! :)

ms c said...

obviously you're talking about me :o)

yippeee...i rawk!

so do you d. and the kats.

Sis said...

Well, I suppose you forgot your ONE other reader. I am so sad. And you call yourself family. Yikes! Love the kitties, even poor Emma who did not kill me in my sleep when I came to visit. Thanks Emma! Hi CJ! You eat better than I do, you cute little thing (turkey from the deli, chicken homemade by mom). Ok, so I am giving away some secrets. Sue me! Kisses to kitties. Love your blog. It is now officially listed in my blog folder (see what you started?), and I check your site along with the others EVERY day when I should be working. You are evil, evil I tell you.