Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ruh-roh ... I want one!!!!!

Help me, peeps!! My sister just sent me this pic of her brand spanking new kitty! Now I want one!!! LOOOOOOK HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!

Hi Little Kitty Kitty With No Name Yet!!! I'm your Auntie! And if you lived in the same state as me I would STEAL you for my very own! Oh yes I would!!!!

Or better yet ... Joyce, how about a trade? You send me the new kitty and I'll send ya Emma ...what do ya say?! :)
(I'm JUST kidding, Emma ... please don't kill me in my sleep tonight!).

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Sis said...

Ok, I won't tell you that little kitty (still nameless) is curled up on my chest right now sleeping. She is oh so tired because she kept me up all night with her jumping and chasing and little kitty playing. But it is all worth it. Little kitty rocks! She is so tiny and has the cutest little tongue to lick you with and the cutest tiny little purrs. I love little kitty. LOVE HER.

(you gotta get you one. come on. just one more. don't you want to be your neighborhood cat lady? come on. guys love cats. don't they? well, who cares? little kitties rock!)