Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Has beens, proposals and fun!

So my friend Tracy and I headed to the Spin Doctors concert last week! The Spin Doctors ... do you guys remember them? Had that fab song "Two Princes" that I was sooo addicted to for the longest time. Never saw them in concert way back when so thought it would be a hoot to see them now.

Uhhh ... yeah.

So we get there and they're playing at a little theater called The Aladdin. It's a great venue but an odd place to see bands because it is a small auditorium filled with permanent seats facing the small stage and there is a small dance floor between the stage and the first row of seats.
Tracy and I are there early enough that we are front row center. No one on the dance floor. Hardly anyone there at all .... maybe 100 people. Maybe. Not even close to filling the bottom level up (there is a balcony as well which was closed off (and hence empty) for this event). Ack!

Fast forward to concert time. So the band comes on stage and people applaud .. politely.. ... as they continue sitting in their seats .... which again, are far back from the stage. The stage lighting is bad .... can you say "4 old guys just playing at a high school gymnasium" bad??. I just kept cringing with the embarrassment for them! ARGH! It just SCREAMED "has beens"???? Plus, PLUS ... I had had the opportunity to see Lifehouse* play at a different venue instead that night but didn't. I'm thinking WHYYYYYYYYYY .... and is it too late to make my escape and head over there?!!!!

Finally, some odd duck gets up to dance near the stage. Good. Then two more folks. Great. But really ... only three people while the rest of us sit and politely watch the show! This is supposed to be a rock concert folks!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!

Anyway, FINALLY, after probably three songs, the lead singer (Chris Barron) comes up with a BRILLIANT suggestion. He suggest we all get up and stand at the stage, thereby filling in the dance floor. WHEW! Good idea ... now I can be immersed in this crowd and not be so embarrassed for the band. But now ... wait ... what's this ... I'm at the front and dead center with the crappy lighting blaring on me! ARGH! Plus I'm sooo close that I have to pan and scan to see each band member. And each band member is SO close that they see where I'm looking. Now I know most NORMAL people would not be uncomfortable with this ... but you have to understand ... I'm short and dead center. Dead center in front of me and at eye level is ............ the lead singer's crotch! ACK!

(there was NO way to discreetly take a pic when he was right up on me ... so this is him a few feet away. But you can imagine when he moved closer, can't ya?!)

I mean, it was RIGHT THERE for most of the concert. I was so close that if he was singing in front of me I had to look almost straight up to see him singing ... but ... some songs were long and well ..... my neck got a crick. See? Stressful.

And when he wasn't right over me I was free to look at the other band members. But Mr Guitar Player (Eric Schenkman) had leather pants on. And the leather pants had some funky colored lacing ... where else ... but at his crotch! So the eyes just grativated there. So I had to keep catching myself to look elsewhere. Must look elsewhere!! Must! But Eric was fascinating to watch anyway for two reasons: A) baggy leather pants is that possible?? (Dude, seriously, eat a sandwich, would ya?!). B) I don't know how he didn't fall down. He has like rubber legs or something. So I kept watching, waiting ... lol (but he didn't)

So anyway, the concert was a hoot! It was AWESOME to see "Two Princes" live! Plus I got to see a marriage proposal. Some guy canoodled Chris into letting him stop the concert before Two Princes and propose to his girlfriend on stage. See?

It was sweet (albeit kinda cheesy)...... and she said "yes"! :)

So nice job Spin Doctors! I had fun. You did a great job of bringing the crowd on board with ya (and at first it just didn't look like that was going to be possible). I wish you much luck with your new album! Oh, and errrrrr ....sorry about staring at your crotches! ;)

*who is the FRICKIN' concert scheduler here in Portland?? Hmmm?? Hmmmm? Because I've got a bone to pick with you, buddy! You've done this to me TWICE now! First you had Velvet Revolver (with Hoobastank no less) play opposite The Killers. And now .. NOW ... you add Lifehouse after I already have my Spin Doctors tickets. What the hell is wrong with you?? Bastard! I was available that next Tuesday tonight. Why couldn't you have done Lifehouse TUESDAY NIGHT?! WHY????????

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