Friday, July 29, 2005

Ffun With Jasper Fforde

So I went to another book signing Tuesday evening. This one was with author Jasper Fforde! His prior books include the Thursday Next series. This signing was for his newly released book called 'The Big Over Easy'. It's the murder mystery of Humpty Dumpty's ffall* off the wall! (What a crackup**, right?!)

Okay, so this guy was awesome! If any of you ever have the opportunity to go to one of his signing, please do so. He sounds JUST LIKE Hugh Grant! It's hysterical! And it's not just that British accent. It's the mannerism and sense of humor too. Seriously. Do yourself the ffavor!

And you can check out Pickwick's Cavalcade of Fun on his website for what he calls "good old-fashioned time-wasting amusement" (ya know, if'n you are bored at work or whathaveya. Not that I would know anything about that. Busy, busy, busy is I!! Too busy to even blog. Oh wait ....;)).

In his talk, he also detailed some games you can play in the grocery store to alleviate those Grocery Shopping Blues. I can't recall the exact titles or whathaveya but they went something like this:

1) The good ole See What You Can Sneak Into Other People's Carts game. Of course, he adds bonus points if you can add something to the cart that is entirely out of place. For instance, if you deduce that someone is a vegetarian by the items already in their cart and you can sneak in a big slab of red, red meat. Bonus!

2) The Rearrange The Grocery Store game. You know, like moving the diapers into the ffrozen ffood aisle somehow. Extra bonus for anyone that can get some item behind the glass in the deli counter.

3) Here's my Fforde Ffavorite. The Barcode Roulette game. You buy say a ffrozen chicken and use a black ffelt tip marker to add one bar to the barcode. If it rings up at checkout as a pack of gum you scored a cheap, cheap chicken***. However, if it rings up as a big screen tv ... you lose! :)

Okay, the end of the double "f"s. Really! ;)

*yes, I know these double 'f's at the beginning of words is odd but when speaking of Jasper Fforde ya just gotta. I think it's the law! ;) Besides, it's a lotta ffun! So please bear with me!! ;)

** haha. Sorry. The pun on the cracked egg shell wasn't really intended there ... but I'll take it!!

*** again, sorry. These puns are coming out unintentionally ... I SWEAR!

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T1 said...

You can't remember what movie you saw last week but you can remember these games??

I bow before your ffantastic memory!!