Thursday, July 21, 2005

One of THOSE days

Anyone ever have one of those days where say you need to be at work extra early because you have a vet appointment after work that you need extra time to get across town to (with a pitstop to get the kitty, of course) followed immediately by a tennis match in a totally different part of the city so you have no. time. to. spare. whatsoever. at. all. that. day. And your status is "hourly" at your job so 'if you don't do the time then you don't get the dime' so to speak.

But instead of making it into work early you actually somehow managed to shut your alarm off in your sleep and not actually wake up until you are already LATE for work?

Anyone? Anyone?

No? ... oh .... me neither.



d said...

Don't beat yourself up. Ppl tend to do all kinds of strange things in their sleep. =)

You better not be late for tennis tho.

T1 said...

Me neither. Last week I totally did not wake up at 8am. I did not forget an 8:30am meeting. I did not barely make it into the office at 8:29am after calling to check my schedule. Nope. I am always totally on time.

T1 said...

Ps. If anyone knows about doing strange things while's D.

d said...

t1, HEY! =)