Friday, July 08, 2005

More CL personal ads

Okay folks. So I stayed away from the Craigslist personal ads for a couple of weeks in the hopes (that would be "foolish" hopes) that the ads would miraculously improve. Sigh. Dang wishful thinking.

Here are just a few of today's beauts for your reading pleasure:

I'M STUPID! - 51 [great! Just what I was looking for. Who wants Mr Right when you can have Mr Stupid!?! Sigh.]

Good looking Man Seeking Woman With Teeth and Hair - 35 [ah, I love a man with high standards!]

Moving back, sad, emotional support needed - 31 [oh, HELL NO]

I will kill myself if I don't find a regular date - 20s to 30s [Can you say ... loser??]

there is nothing right to say here but I wanna tell you anyway - 48 [Huh?!]

Any Big Breasted Women Need $upport and Much Much More???? [you mean, any "big boobed prostitutes"??]

younger woman 4ltr with lots of kinky no holes barred - 47 [uhhh, ya'll can insert your own .... errr, fill in your own .... errr .... make up your own comment here cuz I don't wanna touch this one!]

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