Thursday, July 07, 2005

I was a groupie in a prior life

Must have been ... because I LOVE going to concerts and stalking the band members... oh yes I do! Errrr, and when I say "stalking" ... I mean only the "cute, fun, harmless and COMPLETELY LEGAL" kinda stalking of course. Uh-huh. Cuz I can tell you that this guy .......

...who thought he could get a date with Anna Nalick by wearing a banana mask at her concert (cuz who doesn't like to be reminded of the childhood nickname "Anna Banana"???)... reeked of "ILLEGAL, SCARY" STALKER! In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why she didn't stick around after the show to meet and greet ... would you with this guy there? Yeah, me neither. Freak!! And why, WHY Mr Gi-gan-tor Banana Freak, must you stand in front of all the short people!?! I mean, it wasn't like Anna was going to miss seeing you from the back of the dance floor, dude, cuz you're 10 feet tall and had a freakin' banana mask on!!!! Seriously! You creeped me out AND pissed me off. That ain't so easy to do.

BUT .... he left the stage area as soon as Anna did (run Anna run!) and so I was able to enjoy AND see the other performers! And look who DID stick around after the show. The Afters! They rocked! And were SUPER nice! And oh so cute. Mmm mmm. So I had to touch*! And yes, I'm going to hell for sure for stalking these pretties** because not only are they young 'uns ... but they are churchees (who knew?? ... not I). Sigh. Bad me. But look at them ...can ya blame me?! :) And doesn't that guy second in from the left remind you of Berger from Sex And The City??

(and yes, please note I had to blur out my face. One would think that might be for anonymity. But no, no .... it's because I am the LEAST PHOTOGENIC PERSON EVER and hate that I can't post these pics of me with bands EVERYWHERE as is. Sigh. But these pics were too cute to not show at all so ..... blur it is! And perhaps I will post a few others from concerts past now that I know how to blur. Woot!)

And THEN after The Afters and Anna Nalick played, Keith Kane and Matt Scannell from Vertical Horizon played acoustically! Yeee doggie! Check out this picture of Matt.

(*wolf whistle*)

They were AWESOME and looked like they were just having such a great time up there! So I had to stalk afterwards. HAD TO!!! I ADORE Keith! I love his style (and I loved, loved, loved his shoes ... and told him so cuz yeah ... I'm a dork!) and he is the biggest sweetheart. Keith, if you're out there ... drop me an e, baby! (And who the hell do you remind me of, dude? Cuz ya do ... of someone I once knew I think. ARGH! Curse this bad memory!! It's driving me crazy!!!).

But anyway
, isn't that a great pic? And don't ya'll think we'd make a cute couple?? I mean, afterall, he wears great shoes. I like great shoes. He makes great music. I like great music. See, we're perfect together!! (okay, was that borderline "scary" stalker? It was, wasn't it?! Damnit! (Run Keith Run!!!!) :))

Bottom line, folks ... I HIGHLY recommend seeing any and all of these bands. Not only is the music fan-tab-u-lous ... but, more importantly, each and every band had someone very worthy of stalking!!! ;)

*thanks to Tracy for having huge, huge cajones or most of these pics would not exist for me to share! You rock, Tracy!!!

** "pretties" = cute men worthy of stalking ;)


Sis said...

My, my, my -- what fun you single girls get to have! I am so jealous. Love the pictures except for banana-boy. Yeesh!

Matt is a cutie pie (double wolf whistle). Hey hook up with one of these guys so I can have a cutie pie BIL who is in the music business. How cool would that be?

I gotta get over to your house. You are having too much fun!

If I come with kitties and brownies can I stay?

Kat said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! Errrr, unless "kitties and brownies" are actually code for "kids and husband" in which case ..... :)

Nah, I'm just kidding. You can come stay even with the kids and husband. But just make sure to bring the kitties and the brownies too. K? K! Err, especially the new kitty. And the brownies. And uhhhh .. don't be expecting to take those two items back home with you. Just sayin'.