Monday, July 25, 2005

Dates, Books, Armored Trucks and Cowboys

No blogging this weekend. Didn't turn the computer on even once. But have a seat, put your feet up, grab the popcorn cuz I'll now get you caught up on the latest:

Friday Night Date:

In a nutshell: Blah. So much so that there is nothing more to blog about it. Next.

'The Historian':

Had a chance to put some time into the book 'The Historian' this weekend and finished it. Pretty good read. If you like Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' then you will probably also really enjoy this book. This deals with the history (and the more present day wanderings) of Dracula. Eek!

Thought I was unaffected by the book but apparently your mind does weird things at 3 in the morning. So, when I woke at that time due to my room being subzero from running my air-conditioning too high,
his name started repeating in my head. "Vlad, Vlad, Vlad". This freaked me out because I kept thinking, "Oh crap, if you say his name three times does he appear?? Must stop saying his name in my head. Must stop. 'Vlad, Vlad'. SHUSH! NOOOOOO. STOP IT! Don't repeat name. 'Vlad, Vlad, Vla'....... ARGH".

So then I had this irrational fear that he would appear! (yeah, I've got a little bit of The Crazy in me!). But anyway, CJ saw that I was awake and jumped out of my armoire where she's taken to sleeping lately (how cute is that??) to come spoon with me (shut it!) on the bed. She's happily purring away and I'm thinking "well then, surely CJ wouldn't be purring if there was a vampire in the room ... so as long as she's purring ... all is good. WHEW".

And so I settled down to go to sleep with my kitty contently tucked under my arm........ and the covers pulled up over my neck!

Until she stopped purring.

And jumped down off the bed.

And skeddadled outta the room!!!

Damn it!

But luckily she was just answering the beckoning of her food dish and came back a few minutes later. Who knew kitty lovin' protected as well as cloves of garlic and crucifixes?? :)

Johnny Depp:

I saw the movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' yesterday. I liked it. I am forever impressed with Johnny Depp's choice of characters. He could so easily do the "shallow pretty boy" roles but doesn't. Each character he does is very different and yet each is so very interesting in lines (and delivery of) and the mannerisms. I am highly impressed. His Willy Wonka (did that sound dirty to anyone else? :)) is another very entertaining yet quirky character. Go Johnny!

Death By Armored Truck:

So I almost died this morning!!! Mr Armored Truck almost ran me off the road while I was driving to work. Yep, on the freeway. Four lane highway at that point and coming up a hill. He's in the right most lane ahead of me and I'm coming up faster in the lane to his left. He changes into my lane causing me to quickly move into the lane he just deserted to avoid rear ending him. But that's fine. He shouldn't have changed lanes just then but I'm unphased. Until I'm even with him as I'm passing on the right now and he decides to move back! ARGHHHHHHHHH! I had to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid getting crushed! (because ya'll know an armored truck is going to win the battle between itself and a small sports car!). Anyway, I survived. But boy, that got the blood pumping. As if driving to work on a Monday morning itself isn't bad enough!

Forgive me, Blog Readers, for I have sinned:

I went to the CountryFest music festival on Saturday with a friend of mine. (No, I don't generally listen to country music ... in fact, haven't for years .... but a friend won free tickets and wanted me to go with her and, since I am not opposed to country music and I do luva da concerts, I went. (Plus I thought people watching at a country concert would be a hoot. And I was right!))

It was a beautifully sunny day (a little warm but no where near as bad as it could have been) at the Columbia Meadows Amphitheater (which I've never been to before). This venue is just an open air theater with some seats up front but most people scattered across the lawns on blankets and beach chairs. Countryfest is an all day even though I got there about 3 pm because I was coming from a picnic with friends.

So I arrive there, find my friend and we head out to people watch and check out the karaoke while the next band is setting up. Folks, lemme tell ya ... there are just some people that should NOT be up in front of people trying to sing. What the hell? Seriously! You know it is bad when I actually think I could get up there and do a better job (and folks, I can't sing nor would I want to be up in front of people like that.)

Also, one word to a lot of the folks there: Sunscreen. You're out in the sun ALL day, trust me ... you need sunscreen. As I said, I got there about three hours late and there were some folks that were already absolutely fried! And that's with hours and hours of sunshine and bands left. What are ya'll thinkin'?? Seriously.

Then there are the folks that should probably have reconsidered their outfits. There are some people that look good in skimpy bathing suits or short shorts or without a shirt on ... and there are some that just don't.
I'm just sayin'. If you know you fall into the "just don't" category .... please spare us. Like you, Mr Really, Really, Really Big Belly Guy With the Crazy-Hairy Back and Saucer-Sized Belly Button, I was trying to eat. A shirt on you would have been nice.

Of course, there were also the young pretties with and without shirts. And my friend and I had the best spot in the place because we were right behind the Hottest of the Hot. Yep. Think younger Matthew McConaughey. Medium length wavy, dirty blond hair. Very lean and hard bodied. Tight Wranglers. Cowboy boots. Very nice tan. Sprawled out on the blanket in innumerably fetching positions. MMMMMM.........................

(wait, where was I?? Oh yeah.)

So this brings me to why I must beg for your forgiveness. I HAD NO CAMERA. Nope. I was rushing around all morning trying to have everything I needed for both events and the camera thing just completely slipped my mind. And hence I have no pictures of the bands I saw (Steve Holy, Jamie O'Neil, Wynonna), no pictures of all the outrageously sunburned or badly dressed people, and (*head hang in shame*) no picture of the Hottest of the Hot. Nope. I have failed you and not lived up to my "Stalker" title. And for that I apologize.

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